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    Anschutz Rifle, Complete, Ready To Shoot.

    Someone in our club (Sunderland) has just decided to sell his 1813. It looks to be in good condition and he is asking £550, so is presumably open to a reasonable offer within your budget. Let me know if you are interested and I will get a contact number for you. Walter
  2. tenpointnine

    Retirement Sale

    I was looking for something last night and came across this old Rifleman from April 1992, showing a young (well younger) Chris Hector on the cover, after setting 2 new British records. Inside, a walnut stocked 1913 is £1,130 and Tenex is £75 per thousand. Those were the days! Enjoy your retirement Chris. Walter 20100716095722468.pdf
  3. tenpointnine

    Stock For Sale

    SOLD Anschutz walnut 1912 Sport Rifle stock for sale, complete with kneeling block, buttplate / carrier.(Just buttplate + carrier would be £315 new). Convenience of the butt and cheekpiece adjustability / interchangability of a metal stock, but with the vibration damping of a walnut stock, and at a fraction of the cost of a new metal stock. Just fit your 14 / 16 / 18 / 19 series action (07 or 13) and you are good to go. £400 plus postage Walter (tenpointnine@hotmail.com)
  4. tenpointnine

    Stock For Sale

    Stock now sold. Thanks for looking. Walter
  5. tenpointnine

    Stock For Sale

    Hi Jon Just sent myself a test email from another address and it was received immediately. Strange. Try wgriffin@hansonwealth.co.uk Walter
  6. tenpointnine

    Selling Up

    Just so there is no confusion, it is not me selling up and giving up shooting! Walter
  7. tenpointnine

    Lsr Wanted

    I appreciate that this board is read mainly by prone / 3P / Air shooters, but for any Light Sporting Rifle shooters out there, a club mate is looking for a used LSR, typically a Ruger 10/22 base. Do you know of any for sale? Walter
  8. tenpointnine

    Lsr Wanted

    Thanks for your reply, Alan. I did actually check on there yesterday before posting on here, and there were 127, so 1 must have sold! (I wonder if that was my clubmate?!!!) If he can't find what he wants on there he must be too fussy. Thanks again. Walter
  9. tenpointnine

    Kurt Thune Mod 2 Sling For Sale

    For Sale Kurt Thune Model 2 sling. Excellent condition. Current cost is £51, bargain @ £30. Walter OK then, £25 plus postage. Even bigger bargain! NOW SOLD, TO SOMEONE WITH AN EYE FOR A BARGAIN.
  10. tenpointnine

    Anschutz Barrel, Mandrel And Headspece Gauge Wanted

    Barry does a set of 7 for £25. Every club should have a set. Walter
  11. tenpointnine

    Anschutz Barrel, Mandrel And Headspece Gauge Wanted

    Could I suggest you speak to Barry Nesom, who doesn't live a million miles away from you. He could make you a mandrel for a small fee, and he also manufactures headspace gauges (I have a set and they are excellent). Any particular reason for 0.046? 0.043seems to be the currently accepted norm. Walter
  12. tenpointnine

    Wanted - Moving Onto 3p

    There are sight raising blocks and a left-handed Stenvaag Scorpion jacket on ebay. Walter
  13. tenpointnine

    0.3 Eagle Eye

    Anyone got a 0.3 Eagle eye they no longer use and would like to part with? Walter
  14. tenpointnine

    Target Rifle Sought

    With a FWB 2700 on Guntrader @ £900 I can't believe you are still looking. Walter
  15. tenpointnine

    L/handed Anschutz 1600 Series ***sold***

    I agree. Where I have said 74-79, this was taken from the Anschutz website, but as I stated, the date code letters on mine (1799**X) relate to 1980. I couldn't get it to link to the actual page, so take this link to the catalogue then go to page 62. http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/downloads/K...7.pdf?downloads Also from the Anschutz site : Since 1968 the year of manufacture is coded. The code for determining the age is as follows: 0=A; 1=B; 2=C; 3=D, 4=E; 5=F; 6=G; 7=H; 8=I/J; 9=K The year of proof testing is described by the last two digits of a year, i. e. that a firearm with the letters AF was officially proof tested in the year 2005 (05). Walter
  16. tenpointnine

    L/handed Anschutz 1600 Series ***sold***

    Hi Sink The 16 series ran from serial numbers 143655X to 182155X and from 1974 to 1979 (although the date letters on mine correspond to 1980), and is signified by the letter X at the end of the serial number. As the name suggests, it came between the 14 and 18 series, with a new trigger allegedly better than the 14. You will note that the bolt has a slot underneath, exposing the firing pin, another feature of the 16 series. As noted in 'Ways of The Rifle' these rifles are still sought after and many are still in use today (for those of us who can't afford Bleikers). I won the British Short Range with my 1607 in 2006, and it is still going strong, I just wish I was. Just a couple of years ago, Dave Phelps won the Roberts (more than once) with his 1613, although I believe he now uses a 1913. Hope this helps Regards Walter
  17. tenpointnine

    Champion Shooting Frames ****sold ****

    I will have them thank you. Walter
  18. tenpointnine

    Neesom Flip Over Sight

    Barry's number is 01751473124 Walter
  19. tenpointnine

    Head Space Gauges

    Bill Calfee, one of the USA's leading Benchrest gunsmiths sets headspace between 42 thou and 44 thou. If the headspace is too great it can cause inconsistent ignition, leading to loss of accuracy. By inconsistent ignition I am not referring to misfires. As you know, the priming compound in the rim of the case ignites when struck by the firing pin. If 1 cartridge is up against the breech face when the pin strikes, the resultant ignition will be different to a case which is up against the face of the bolt, and the firing pin pushes the case forward 2 or 3 thou before coming to a stop at the breech face, and THEN igniting. It is this inconsitent ignition which causes loss of accuracy. What can you do about it? Well, later model Anschutz (from the later 16 series with swept back bolt, to 18, 19 &20 series) can have a thin shim or shims fitted. These shims are available from guess who, that's right, Barry Nesom. (50p?) Earlier 16 and 14 models have a plunger on the bolt handle which mates with a notch in the bolt body, and this chews the shims up in no time. I believe the 20 series would have the headspace set by moving the barel in the action, which of course is clamped, not pinned. It is also possible to get a new bolt handle from Anschutz (which must be sent to an RFD, as it is effectively classed as a firearm). I did this with Claire's 1607 in 2002, and it was sent to Ian Gibb who stoned it to the correct headspace. Another method which I have observed in the Anschutz tent at Bisley, is to take the bolt apart and using a small hammer, tap the bolt around it's circumference at the point where the bolt handle butts up against it. This might be ok for an Anschutz technician, but I wouldn't recommend it for the rest of us! Not sure about Walthers or other makes. Hope this helps. Walter
  20. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

  21. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Claire has decided to give up shooting, so has kit for sale. Anschutz 1607 which she used in 2002 Commonwealth Games, in 1807 stock (I'm keeping the 1912 stock for myself!). Had new bolt handle assembly, supplied by Anschutz and fitted by Ian Gibb, headspace I believe is 42thou, but will check. For the uninitiated, the 1607 is the lightweight barreled version of the sought-after 16 series, that has a serial number ending in 'X'. Bargain at £250 ono. Kurt Thune Expert double canvas jacket and trousers, excellent condition, approx size 8, to fit 5'4'' slim lady. Jacket now over £500 and trousers around £350. Looking for £225 and £175 respectively. Mouche Bodywarm Top (£129 new) and leggings (around £70 new), both size 8 and excellent condition. Top £70 and leggings £20. Kurt Thune boots, size 6. Around £140 new. VGC. Offers. Anschutz 4765 buttplate, complete with carrier. New £294, 1 left at £155 posted. NOW SOLD Mouche leather kneeling roll, small. VGC. New £34, sell £15. 'Stativ' stand for 3-p / air rifle. Cost around £90, sell £40. SOLD Large blue Walther kit bag, with wheels. VGC, £20. SOLD Will post pictures soon. Walter Griffin
  22. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Kurt Thune sling now SOLD Walter
  23. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Story so far: Scope & stand, 'Stativ' type stand, Walther bag, Gehmann iris / filters all SOLD. Walter
  24. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    Centra foresight tunnel, to fit 19 / 20 series. Virtually new. Currently £54, sell £30.
  25. tenpointnine

    Rifle And Kit For Sale

    ...and more. Scope is metal bodied Opticron HR60, with 15x - 45X zoom. HR stands for High Resolution. Not to be confused with cheaper 'plastic' Opticrons. This model was decribed by 'In Focus' as equivalent to a Kowa. When I gave this to Claire I tried to get another one and couldn't, so replaced it with a Kowa TSN 821, and compared them side by side. I could see no difference in image quality. £100 SOLD Stand with extension bars for standing / kneeling ££75. Adapted for camera-type mount, but normal clamp included. SOLD Gehmann rear iris / coloured filters £30. SOLD