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  1. pcj

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Really sad to hear about HW demise. Many fond memories of competing against you guys over the years. St Andrews Uni definately interested in some kit. In my experience, Uni Club Constitutions are all based on a template which gives ultimate financial control to the Sports Union. Its quid pro quo because the Uni SU's generally provide the majority of funds to purchase equipment in the first place. If you were able to provide evidence that specific equipment was donated to the Club by others, there might be a case for doing something different.
  2. Hi folks. Second hand pair of shooting specs wanted for Uni student. Fairly basic standard set would be fine - cost more important than shininess. Thanks, PCJ
  3. pcj

    18mm Anschutz Front Sight Canting Tube

    There are two on ebay at the moment - one on the German site. Patrick
  4. pcj

    Comb Spacers

    Can't help you Tim, I've not needed a comb for years...............
  5. pcj

    Upgrading The Forum

    Small donation sounds reasonable but don't you have to pay to sign on to PayPal? Not sure how popular that would be. Suppose the other option is mailing a cheque for £1 to Neil which is more annoying for everyone! Personally can't see a problem with one of the Threads - perhaps one of the 'free' ones which don't require registration - being a Classified advertiser service. As well as businesses, Clubs could pay for advertising themselves - they do in some of the magazines. As for non smallbore advertisers - we are all grown ups and can make our own commercial decisions. If you don't want to buy 'genuine Desert Storm camoflage gear' from MilitaGroups'r'Us, then don't read their advert. All shooters need companies to sell us shiny new gear when we drop stupid shots .... I mean have good reason to invest in our sport. Personally, I don't have a problem with a clearly identifed advert from one of the many suppliers we have in this country and elsewhere. Patrick
  6. pcj

    Wanted - Left Handed Stock

    Jamie, what do you mean by lightweight? What action does it need to fit? There is an 07 left handed stock to fit an Anschutz M54 right hand action (with cross-over bolt) here if the situation is desparate. If you need it before BUSA the price could even come down to around £1000 Rather than go to the inconvenience of an insurance claim, surely you could get Mac the Eternal Student to sign up for GCSE Woodworking classes? Patrick St Andrews