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    BigAl got a reaction from Anschutzfan in Aj Parker M80 Sight   
    Shame about that site. mind you it would be good if they had actually put the details of the correct company. AJP and PH were two completely separate companies, which it would seem neither now no longer exist. Although John Rothery Wholesale now own the rights to the Parker Hale name.
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    BigAl got a reaction from aaronb in Aj Parker M80 Sight   
    That looks to me like the Parker Hale sight, not the AJ Parker. IIRC the PH has the triangular looking dovetail fitting for the windage arm to slide in, while the AJP has the rectangular dovetail slide. When I was shooting in the RAF the issue L39 (No4 target rifle conversion in 7.62) had the Parker Hale sight, of the type in those photos, while my Fulton Mauser has the AJP, specifically the TZ80. The one pictured in the ebay link is the same type as my AJP TZ80.
    The elevation block and windage arm look to be the same on that M80 as on my TZ80, but the mounting block, which is what I believe is the issue is the difference. As I now have a scope fitted to the rifle, to shoot it in F/TR I have the sights sitting in a box, if reference to them would be of use. The Mauser K98 mounting is very different to the Lee Enfield fitting though.
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    BigAl got a reaction from Shumae in Wanted Anshutsz Rear Sight   
    When it comes to things like including a rear sight with a rifle it depends on when in your shooting career you are. If it is a first rifle, well yes you are most likely to want it to come with sights. That is also when you are most likely to accept a "basic" sight unit. If you have been shooting for a number of years then there is a good chance that when it comes to sights you are actually going to know just what you want, and that may very well not be the basic unit that comes with many rifles these days. I seem to remember that the club FWB P 700 that Roise started with did not seem that well made, but having just looked at the Walther basic unit from a LG 300 that is actually very well made. The thing is though that for many years Anschutz included as standard with the majority of their rifles what many considered to be one of the best rear sight units that money could buy. This is not necessarily a good idea from a business stand point if you also sell the sights. Given the choice between dropping the sights, or starting to put an inferior product in I think from a PR view they took the right choice. Can you imagine the outcry if they had taken the other option?
    Now of course you are probably going to get a good deal from a dealer if you buy a rifle along with a set of sights. Now for a new shooter that can leave them open to getting what the dealer wants to sell them, but as target shooters (at least in the UK) HAVE to belong to a suitable club they should be getting good advice from the other members over what is good or not.