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  1. the bogeyman

    Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    Sorry Colin! Someone has pointed out what you were referring to, mind reading and IT are both at an very early stage, so it generally easier if you use smoke signals or just shout to get my attention!
  2. the bogeyman

    Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    Ehhhhh..........He added me as a friend. What, do I have to buy him a drink?? Is he looking for a meaningful relation or is he interested in the action. My mind reading skills are still at an early stage.
  3. the bogeyman

    Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    This is one I picked up and never got round to doing anything with, and not likely to in the near future so it's getting the chop. Keppler 6mmBR action in an Anschutz Supermatch stock. Barrel was allegedly new when I got it, and although it doesn't show much sign of use I know precious little about CF rifles. Action is bedded into the stock, although the stock does not have a buttplate. The stock has also been partially sanded down, so could be finished off nicely is someone had the patience to do so. £600.00 ono Pm if you need any more info
  4. the bogeyman

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    Sorry..... Complete package now sold pending funds!
  5. the bogeyman

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    I can also include an Anschutz 7020 sight set (which is the set with 7002 cantible rear sight) for another £125......... Bargin!!
  6. the bogeyman

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    Inbox now all cleaned out!
  7. the bogeyman

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    The cull continues! This was a flight of fancy. This air rifle was bought with the notion it would help me improve a standing position, which may in turn allow me to move into 3P. Nope, didn't happen. Theory was sound, just never used the bloody thing. Id say I've shot about 250 shots with it over the last 24 months, and its just not going to be used. This is as new, with everything it came with, even the cardboard box from Anschutz!! For Sale now at £1,275.00
  8. the bogeyman

    Bleiker Alu Rifle - Sold

    Rifle now sold, thanks for all the interest.
  9. the bogeyman

    Bleiker Alu Rifle - Sold

    This is the complete rifle, no sights included. Batch test results available if required via pm, and the rifle will be at the British 50m in a few weeks for viewing or hand-over Pm me with any other queries
  10. the bogeyman

    Bleiker Alu Rifle - Sold

    I've decided to move this one on.........don't have time at present to use it and with a couple of projects on the go the cash may come in handy. The rifle has been mine from new and was purchased about 4/5 years ago. It has the ALU stock and the long tube. It has a Lapua/RWS bolt. It has always tested well, and although it has the Lapua bolt it tests and shoots equally well with Tenex. I would say I have used approx 30k rounds in this rifle. There is also 3k rounds of my current batch tested Tenex available should you wish to hit the ground running. I am looking £3,500.00 for a superb rifle. Pm for further details.
  11. the bogeyman

    Wanted: Anschutz Wooden Stock For Round Action

    I have several for you to pick from demonloop!
  12. the bogeyman

    10M Air Rifle

    Pmsl.........is it not time you pair kissed and made up??
  13. the bogeyman

    Anschutz Rifle For Sale

    Pm sent hotfoot!
  14. the bogeyman

    Anschutz Target Rifle Model 1813 For Sale

    Pm sent!
  15. the bogeyman

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    So is the stock included in the sale or not?