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  1. <sighs>....no worries guys - will look elsewhere...thanks for your erm...help...to the individual who PM'd me with a sensible suggestion on where to look...many thanks.


    PS 'Why would a suggested price what an item would fetch in the UK have much resemblance to your prices in NZ'


    Because it is a very small market for smallbore down here, therefore we tend to pay European market prices (plus transportation/import duty costs etc)...everything is shipped in and therefore comparable....all I need to do is factor in the strong $...

  2. Thanks Rutty - right having read the 'please read' bit...I wont being selling it to anyone on here...so back to my original request can someone give me some guidance - this is for a private sale in New Zealand on wont be listed on Stirton which should meet the etiquate requirement...(does that help?)

  3. Hi all,


    Due to poor health and no longer being able to shoot, I'm in the process of selling my LP2 and LP5 at the moment (down here in NZ) but have no idea of the current market value for 2nd hand target air pistols...


    Can someone give me a ballpark figure (or range) please :-)


    Don't want to ask too much, but don't want to give them away either...lol


    LP2 was bought from new and is as new (less than 5000 rds through it)...LP5 is a little older but was owned by one of the GB sport pistol team members and is in good condition...both were serviced before I moved here...


    Cheers for any help in advance...




  4. One of the things I've noticed is that the view new content page only seems to display 'new' threads but not new posts to a previously read thread.


    Is there some other setting or new function I need to use?


    Not sure if it's my age or Cornish roots showing

  5. Test attachment from non-admin account


    (Photo taken in SA back in January 2006)


    Ah, was there already attachments in the thread that you tried to post to?


    This thread started off as 100Kb and now I can only post a further 39.82Kb because the photo above was 60.18Kb


    Yes there was, looks like you've lost the 100kb per file and is now per thread! The joys of setting up a new system I suppose. :rolleyes:

  6. Hi Neil,


    just tried to add an attachment to a thread, unfortunately didn't seem to work.


    Where you browse for the attachment, there is a message saying global space left: 0bytes, which seems to suggest there is no space to add attachments.



    Any thoughts?


    Cheers Mr D

  7. We are going to upgrade the forum asap so please expect the forum to be down for a short period of time.


    Very short period of time, I was logged on a little earlier, went off and had a cup of tea, came back and its all changed! :blink:


    Cracking upgrade Neil! :D

  8. Which organisation governs the winter biathlon?


    I believe (though I hope I misheard the quote at the October council meeting) a governing body cannot govern both the summer and winter olympic events.


    Therefore, the summer and winter biathlons must be governed by different contolling bodies!


    ie the ISSF can only govern one of the biathlon events.


    It would be an interesting event to watch though - (oh to be 15 years younger when I used to run in cross country events. Might have seriously considered taking up the this new discipline - would struggle to run to the end of the road these days).

  9. Must be capable of handling narrow cotswold country lanes


    Suitable for a daily commute to Filton, Bristol (approx 90 miles round trip)


    Working heater essential


    (Yes I know the title should say Wanted - well it is still 6:30am and I've already been up an tried to get to work - he says as he listens to the distant strains of violins) :lol::lol::lol:

  10. Hi Neil,


    LRC were doing a special kit aimed at juniors a short while ago. Scout units and the likes. I seem to remember a light weight Gamo pistol, very cheap.


    An excellent pistol to start with, very easy to use and no pre-charge cylinder to worry about.


    A good cheap way to learn the basics before up grading to pre-charged pistols.




  11. Hi,


    we are a newley home office approved club and are on the scrounge already! :o


    currently looking for any old and unused shooting equipment that may be lying around the various club houses across the country. Old jackets, slings, mats etc. ;)


    Any donation would be greatly received. I may be able to raise some renumeration for the slightly higher value items such as scopes, though we do have limited funds at present.


    If you think you can help, please leave a message so I can get back to you to exchange contact details etc.


    With many thanks in advance. :D