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    SB rifle, 3P, pistol, a little bit of clay shooting and more recently, coaching - very rewarding if any of you are thinking about taking it up.
  1. Thanks for that David, that's a very good point...
  2. <sighs>....no worries guys - will look elsewhere...thanks for your erm...help...to the individual who PM'd me with a sensible suggestion on where to look...many thanks. PS 'Why would a suggested price what an item would fetch in the UK have much resemblance to your prices in NZ' Because it is a very small market for smallbore down here, therefore we tend to pay European market prices (plus transportation/import duty costs etc)...everything is shipped in and therefore comparable....all I need to do is factor in the strong $...
  3. Thanks Rutty - right having read the 'please read' bit...I wont being selling it to anyone on here...so back to my original request can someone give me some guidance - this is for a private sale in New Zealand on wont be listed on Stirton which should meet the etiquate requirement...(does that help?)
  4. Hi all, Due to poor health and no longer being able to shoot, I'm in the process of selling my LP2 and LP5 at the moment (down here in NZ) but have no idea of the current market value for 2nd hand target air pistols... Can someone give me a ballpark figure (or range) please :-) Don't want to ask too much, but don't want to give them away either...lol LP2 was bought from new and is as new (less than 5000 rds through it)...LP5 is a little older but was owned by one of the GB sport pistol team members and is in good condition...both were serviced before I moved here... Cheers for any help in advance... Rgds Ant
  5. Mr D

    Lost Pm's

    I'm sure there's a few countries who would like to lose a PM....but that's probably not what you're talking about is it....
  6. Mr D

    Rating V Reputation?

    Dangerous game though My first negative feedback.... ....rotten buggers....lol
  7. Mr D

    Rating V Reputation?

    And don't forget....you can 'vote' for yourself....
  8. Mr D

    View New Posts

    One of the things I've noticed is that the view new content page only seems to display 'new' threads but not new posts to a previously read thread. Is there some other setting or new function I need to use? Not sure if it's my age or Cornish roots showing
  9. Mr D

    Registered Members

    Yes..... the rest of us get two
  10. Mr D


    Like the new profile pic too neil.
  11. Mr D


    Yes there was, looks like you've lost the 100kb per file and is now per thread! The joys of setting up a new system I suppose.
  12. Mr D


    Hi Neil, just tried to add an attachment to a thread, unfortunately didn't seem to work. Where you browse for the attachment, there is a message saying global space left: 0bytes, which seems to suggest there is no space to add attachments. Any thoughts? Cheers Mr D
  13. Mr D

    Upgrading The Forum

    Very short period of time, I was logged on a little earlier, went off and had a cup of tea, came back and its all changed! Cracking upgrade Neil!
  14. Mr D

    I'm Looking For ....

    Just had a quick look at the guide. Figure 1.5 on page 10 is a little bit worrying. Would you really adopt the correct grip (as shown) with your finger on the trigger?
  15. Mr D

    Air Rifle

    How about a Stirton Forum Auction Advertise it for say a week, the highest bidder gets it (and helps out one of our CW team members)!
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