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  1. Old Lefty

    Butt plate

    Butt plate with hook suitable for a BSA Mk5 International.
  2. Hi Rob. I think my friend will be interested. Can you get me details of price wanted and any chance of a couple of photos? Ken
  3. A new female member at our club needs a L/H rifle as the club has none. Anything considered.
  4. 1. Can this be shot by a left-hander? 2. What draw strength is it? 3. How much are you asking for it?
  5. Old Lefty

    Scatt Usb

    Hi. I'm definitely interested if this is still for sale. Ken
  6. Old Lefty

    Scatt Wanted

    I'm looking for a Scatt system at a reasonable price.
  7. Old Lefty

    Scatt Usb

    Is this still available?
  8. Old Lefty

    Steyr Lp1

    Picture attached shows the grip which is a large RH
  9. Old Lefty

    Steyr Lp1

    Hi Andrew I'm trying to find out how, or if it still allowed, to send it by post. As soon as I know I'll be in touch again. Is there a gun dealer near you that would act as a receiving agent? Ken
  10. Is this available for the National Meeting in August 2015?
  11. Old Lefty

    Steyr Lp1

    Steyr LP1 target pistol for sale. One owner since new in 2003. Excellent condition. Case. Two cylinders (2002). Tools. Handbook Priced to sell at £375.00 Central Scotland.
  12. Fascinating discussion! Sounds like the seller is trying to make the rifle seem more modern than it is based on the improved stock and base his price on later Match 54 rifles. Interesting comment from mlj.
  13. Hi, If you're still looking see my post in the for sale section (Old Lefty) for LH 1913 Anschutz with S/S barrel.
  14. Old Lefty

    Lh Anschutz

    19 series, wooden stock, Anschutz sights, small hand stop (original Anschutz is one of the extras), 2 x different trigger shoes.
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