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  1. tufty

    Morini 162 Short Blue Cylinders 2015 For Sale.

    Money sent Nick
  2. tufty

    Morini 162 Short Blue Cylinders 2015 For Sale.

    Hi Nick,can I take one of these please Neale
  3. tufty

    Plano Gun Guard Rifle Case For Sale

    I've sent you a pm Chris
  4. tufty

    Anschutz 8002 S2 Alu Air Rifle

    If you want to sell the sight set separately,I will take it for your advertised price Neale
  5. tufty

    Stolen Air Pistols

    Crime ref no is P15146721
  6. tufty

    Stolen Air Pistols

    Hope mods don't mind me posting this here,we have had a break in at our club and 3 Steyr pistols have been stolen,details as follows, Steyr LP1 serial no 707649 Steyr LP5 serial no 802691 Both of these have been converted to PCP Steyr LP2 serial no 907751 If anyone is offered these for sale could you please obtain as much of the sellers details as you can,and either contact me on 07768404391 or Surrey police ref Bookham rifle club Thanks, Neale
  7. tufty

    Anschutz Precise Extension Tube

    Bump for a final price cut
  8. In as new condition having only been used once,black finish,fits 1913 and 2013, £95 posted
  9. tufty

    ***sold***. Mint Morini 162Ei. ***sold***

    .......and what size is the left hand Rink grip?
  10. tufty

    ***sold***. Mint Morini 162Ei. ***sold***

    Nick,a mate of mine might be interested in this,but I don't think he's on here,ok if I give him your email addy if he's interested?
  11. tufty

    Bleiker In Gemini Stock

    Not the best selling pitch I've heard
  12. tufty

    Anschutz Precise Extension Tube

    Price slash to £95 posted,also has the barrel locating collar that I forgot to photograph
  13. tufty

    A Few Useful Bits For Sale

    Eagle eyes and sunshade now sold
  14. tufty

    A Few Useful Bits For Sale

    M22 0.3 eagle eye £17 posted M22 0.5 eagle eye £17 posted Centra M22 sunshade £17 posted 4mm raiser block set for Anschutz £19 posted Centra high end M22 element 4.0, 1.4 £11 posted
  15. tufty

    Grunig & Elmiger Return Buttplate

    Not a problem,it's yours,PM me your details
  16. In as new condition,with dimpled rubber and standard length hook,looking for £280 posted
  17. tufty

    Cardiff Hotel

    If you can find a room anywhere the price will be ridiculous,£500 a night was the cheapest I could find online,we've booked a caravan on a holiday park 30 miles away!!
  18. tufty

    Rws R100

    Now taken
  19. tufty

    Rws R100

    I acquired 1000 rounds with a rifle purchase,but as its supersonic I can't use it on my home range,would anyone like to swap for R50 or other Eley,Lapua equivalent,batch no is 41-8HG-068,speed is 343m/s. Will sell for £120 if no swaps,both face to face,Surrey or Bisley Neale
  20. tufty

    Left Hand Anschutz Precise 1913L

    Collected today,and it's a cracker,many thanks Alan,and great to meet you
  21. tufty

    Morini162Ei Short For Sale

    Sent you a PM Neale
  22. tufty

    Morini162Ei Short For Sale

    Message sent
  23. tufty

    Steyr Lp2 For Sale

    How much are you asking for this?
  24. tufty

    Knobloch Pistol Iris

    Now sold
  25. tufty

    Knobloch Pistol Iris

    In mint condition,£25 posted Neale