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    10m pistol,standard pistol,Free pistol,small bore and full bore prone shooting

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  1. tufty

    Mec Duplex

    Hi Robin,sent you a pm Neale
  2. tufty

    Update to recent list PDF

    Sent you another pm Peter neale
  3. tufty

    Update to recent list PDF

    Hi Peter, emailed you about the mat Neale
  4. tufty

    Megalink electronic targets

    Good luck with the sale,I did share your original post on Shooting U.K.,which for some reason you reported as spam,so I took it off the forum
  5. tufty

    7.62 Swing

    Emailed you neale
  6. tufty

    L/h 1913 In 1918 Precise Stock

    Now sold
  7. tufty

    L/h 1913 In 1918 Precise Stock

    In excellent condition with very low shot count,around 5000 rounds,it's my back up rifle,but just ordered a R&L so can't reallly justify keeping it. Can be viewed at Bisley next week,or I can email photos when I'm back from holiday on Friday Looking for £1500
  8. Is it possible to take this apart and reverse the wings so that it can be used left landed?
  9. tufty

    Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    Christ knows Chris
  10. Could I take the VFG felts if still available
  11. "but the thought of you vetting the buyer first made me smile :)" Did you mean to make that seem pervy ? How does that sound pervy???
  12. tufty

    Kit For Sale

    Gemini butt plate please,I'll send you a pm Neale
  13. tufty

    Wanted Leftie Small Bore

    Hi Robin,I have one for sale,a FWB 2700, tried to message you but your inbox is full,if you let me know when you've cleared space in it I'll resend the full details Neale
  14. tufty

    Scope Stand