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  1. My far-from-expert opinion would be that it wouldn't make a difference in smallbore, wouldn't know about fullbore.

    Thinking about it, I know that the lightweight FWB barrel is only lighter than the heavyweight FWB barrel because of a difference in diameter of the barrel, and I don't believe that there is any noticable difference in performance. I don't think that there's a difference in performance of an 07 barrel against a 13, so probably any difference caused by heat dissipation is negligible.


    But I'm just rambling. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me. :D

  2. Umm ... I'm sure you have much more pressing matters on yor mind .. but .. in case you have an idle moment ;) .. can you confirm that the forum is not indexable by searchbots, and is only browseable by registered users?

    Robin - what have you said that you don't want anyone else to know? :ph34r:

  3. Hi guys,

    Looking for a true left-handed rifle in decent condition for a promising junior in a club I belong to. She's very long-limbed so size is not a problem, it just has to be sensible for shooting 3P. In Hampshire area, but can collect from Bisley.



  4. Train? :o Why would anyone do that? :o


    Thanks to all who have contributed to the forum over the past couple of years and

    it's now starting to slowly but surely be used on a daily basis, and seems to be

    proving useful for many - the purpose it was setup :)

    Very very useful, so thank you very much for setting it up in the first place. :D

  5. Well, I showed this thread to the party concerned, and he promptly sent me an e-mail with his reply:


    Hello there one and all,

    It is Emma's "friend" here.  As in the one who has been having "bolt"

    trouble.  I have seeked professional help and they have given my the

    following advice which some of you suggested:

    -Ensure proper lubrication on you bolt especially around the head but ensure

    that you keep the firing pin recess clear otherwise cookoff may occur.

    -Ensure proper protection is used for the bolt at all times

    -As far as bolt ejection is concerned Emma will testify (along with the lady

    4 lanes down) that my ejector is working fine

    -Cleaning up is something you should do whether you have scored well or not

    as it could cause a slip hazard.

    -It has been reconmended that cleaning the barrel with a rod and bristle

    (can cause gratting) after a while can save one from embarrasing oneself

    during a potentially bad score

    -Timing was mentioned but as long as you go at a steady pace you should be

    ok, although be warned you may need to speed up at the end when time is an


    -smooth bolt action aids in a better score as inconsistant rhythm can put

    you off your game totally and that of your target

    -Eye alignment is critical as looking in the wrong place during a detail can

    put (you) off the target.  The best thing to do is to look into the black of

    the "eye" but don't stare too long or that can have adverse effects.


    Thank you all for your advice to get me through this difficult time and in

    the style of Tony Clayton (for those of you who have done proper shooting

    before(7.62mm)) "Good shooting to you all."


    Emma's friend

  6. One of my friends has managed to drop his bolt from a ladder onto concrete and fears that the ejector and possibly a few other parts are broken.

    The rifle model is a Walther UIT apparently.


    Does anyone have a bolt or parts for sale?


    Or does anyone know where he can take it to be fixed? He has e-mailed Walther but as yet has had no reply.

  7. I would say that a charge to register wouldn't be a good move. It would stop all those people who have no idea how to pay online from registering, and also it would stop all those who believe that it is highly insecure.

  8. Terry, I don't know anyone with a workshop who'd be prepared to, and I don't have the skills.

    I'm never certain when Molly's going to be anywhere and I need advance notice before paying out more than about a fiver for anything... and I've only two training weekends left (that I can get to) while I'm a junior, so I suspect that's out...


    Allancet, as you've only two I'd like to know if they've the same threading as my stand does, how often do you get to Bisley? Or are in Hampshire/Sussex area? If so then... well I'll work out a price later, but I can pay you then if they do fit.