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  1. Selling my two Feinwerkbau rifles. 1st. is a 2700. 2nd. is a 2000.

    Both rifles are in good condition, and very capable to take you to the highest level.

    Please see photos. (the photos take too long to upload so please Private Message me).

    I am asking £1,300. for the 2700 and £350. for the 2000

    I am based in the north-east and prefer R.F.D. to R.F.D.


  2. Hello. Is the barrel 22mm. or 24mm.? Does the electric trigger work properly.? Do you have the original group size.? I am at the north-east of england, which is the best way to deliver.? I have a variation on my F.A.C. so can buy without problem.

  3. I am selling on behalf of a fellow member of our northern rifle club (who is not so computor literate as I) a good quality leather jacket. Chest size 42 inch. The owner is 5ft. 4ins. average build. The jacket has been worn for a few years (about 4) but is in very good condition. The jacket was made in Australia, out of (according to the owner) Buffalow Hide. The leather is very pliable and soft, and has a slight give to it. It is thick cotton canvas lined, through-out. The colour is in Australian gold/yellow and green. Please P.M. for more detailed size's and photo's. The asking price is £120.

  4. post-1885-0-87787300-1355569985_thumb.jpgpost-1885-0-70841900-1355570013_thumb.jpgFor Sale my Anschutz Match 54 barrel in a custom made aluminium/hardwood stock. The basis of this stock is one piece aluminium, which was machined out of solid. It is in effect an aluminium stock. This is a unique stock, which is beautifully made. It comes with sights, hand stop/sling keeper, hook (all Anschutz) and lots of smaller parts, so you can pick this rifle up and shoot straight away. The rear sight iris in the photo is not included, but comes with Anschutz peep hole. The rifle shoots incredibly good groups. I am asking £300. Please P.M. for photos.


    Thank you all. Rifle now Sold

  5. I have an older right handed Anschutz wallnut Supermatch stock that I would sell for £100 + postage if you are interested. It's a thumb-hole stock with no cracks. the stock is in good condition, with no heavy scratches or marks. There is no adjustable cheek piece. I used it up until 3 years ago when I fitted the barrel into an ally stock. It comes with butplate and adjustable (for length) carrier, round hook mounting bar (but no arm hook), hand stop mounting rail, trigger guard, grip hand rest, bedding bolts. Email me at;- hotfoot@fsmail.net and I can send to you photos, via attachments. Hotfoot.

  6. I am selling my much loved and well cared for Feinwerkbau 2700


    This is the heavy barrel model.

    I have owned it for two years, and the previous owner one and a half years. It's as bought original, (sights, hook etc.). Large grip. Cleaning rod guide. Extra long cleaning rod, to clear the Feinwerkbau fore-end tube. It includes a well used but servisable hard case. The rifle is unmarked, and has been well looked after. The black plastic hood on the rear sights;- the small screw that locates the hood to the rear sight body has stripped the pastic thread, but has had a repair done which is unseen. Otherwise the rifle is in unmarked. beautiful condition. I have had 12,300 rounds through, and I believe the prievious owner 5,000.

    I am asking £1,100. Located north-east England. Email ;- hotfoot@fsmail.net for photos.


    The Rifle Is Now Sold, Thank you all.

  7. Wanted well loved Anschutz 1813 or 1913 prone rifle (heavy barrel).

    Might consider equivalent Feinwerkbau. Condition is more important than age.

    Must be complete and ready to shoot as the price of replacing parts is crazy.

    If you are selling any bits and pieces with it such as a case, spare elements etc. that would be good.

    How much do you want to spend? as I have a Feinwerkbau 2700 (heavy barrel)that may-be I would sell, along with all of the other bits, too numerous to itemise.