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  1. Having a bit of an old kit clearout: - Gehmann boots, size 9.5. A bit worn but still work OK! One of the lace hooks has come out. £30 - Anschutz 4752 Handstop, including swivel £50 - Anschutz constant sling. Webbing has split a bit. £10 Located in SW London, or can post.
  2. Askel

    Some Bits To Clear

    Pm sent!
  3. I have a small Feinwerkbau 2602/P70 grip that came with my air rifle that's a bit too small for my hands. Fortunately for me, I have a large grip on my 2602 so have been swapping across, but ideally I'd like to swap the small grip for a larger one. Anyone out there got a large grip and want to trade? A couple of notes about the small grip: -The grip is from a blue stock -The original finish has been removed and it has been strippled for extra grip -At some point in it's life a small section at the top of the grip has been broken off and glued back on, however it's not a section anywhere near your hand, so is fairly unnoticeable. Send me a message if you're interested in pictures etc. Thanks!
  4. Askel

    Wanted-Fwb 700 Or Similar

    As above, does anyone have/know of a FWB 700 going for sale? Right handed, ideally with a few years left in the cylinders. Would also consider Anschutz/Walther alternatives. Thanks!
  5. Askel

    Mec/centra Handstop

    Reply sent, check your email.
  6. Askel

    Mec/centra Handstop

    For sale: MEC/Centra handstop- pretty much what it looks like! Includes sling swivel. £70 +p&p
  7. Askel

    Hps System Gemini Buttplate For Fwb

    I can't seem to send you a PM, do you have an email I can contact you on?
  8. Askel

    Hps System Gemini Buttplate For Fwb

    Demonloop is your baseplate still avaliable?
  9. Askel

    Hps System Gemini Buttplate For Fwb

    Thanks Demonloop I'm still looking, but with Demonloop's baseplate offer if anyone has a complete buttplate for any make of rifle I'd be interested.
  10. Hi, I am looking for a Gemini buttplate to fit a Feinwerkbau rifle, does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  11. No guesses as to who you are :P