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  1. Is this rifle still available? I know a junior for whom this would be ideal. Thanks.
  2. Hi Ross. I bought a LG300XT Anatomic about 3 years ago in mint condition 2nd hand for £1300. You may not be prepared to go that low, but perhaps nearer that direction might get it sold - GREAT rifle though!
  3. Can you send me some photos please to chunter177@hotmail.com
  4. You need to put a price on the listing. Great rifle though- love mine!!!
  5. Hi Mark - that would be ace. Let me know if you're interested in selling it. Kind regards Chris
  6. Andy (presumably?!) - thanks! This will be one of 2 mirrors I'll be using to watch myself shoot...!
  7. Hi all I have some Centra sights. Want to use a mirror with my prone and air rifle. Anyone got one of these Centra Mirror Iris knocking around (standard size)? See attachment for what they look like. Thanks in advance all! Kind regards Chris
  8. Hi Rutty. Probably 2. Initially! Any thoughts? Thanks. Chris
  9. Am looking for a 10m air target changer. Can anyone help or steer me in the right direction? Function over style- would consider old & knackered!!! Thanks. Chris
  10. Good luck selling - I don't mean to be unhelpful - if you've already got a Gemini carrier, you're fine - would suit someone doing 3p. But, if you don't have the carrier, it's a non-starter (unless you're into whittling aluminium...!).
  11. With the plate £210 Would be a good price. It's a tough buy without the carrier plate!
  12. I'm on chunter177@hotmail.com if you need an email!
  13. Good deal! Wish I was size 11!!! Do they have the plastic mid-lace clips?
  14. Probably easier to make one than but one. It can be quite hard to get old Anschutz parts- try ebay though!
  15. Hi Anschutzfan. Re the second set of poles - how much do you want for these? And including postage? Thanks Chris
  16. Hi Bakerific, Which club do you shoot with? I may be able to steer some Glos shooters your way, who might be interested. I'm the secretary for the Gloucestershire Association of Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Clubs (GASRPC). We're on here: www.gasrpc.com I hope this helps. Kind regards Chris Hunter
  17. Ha - the forum is trying to correct a supposed swearword! Let's imagine I said "re-fashioned" instead!
  18. Hi Anschutzfan. Have you got any photos of the poles? I need a set, and have b#st*rdised some Freeland poles in a tucker stand - how is your set put together? I'd be interested to see/know!
  19. Hi Rhys. Is it a canting rearsight?
  20. Hi guys I'm after some Walther rods for cheekpiece and butt plate potentially. I'd need the spindle also. And - I need something that will go on the narrow front dovetail of the KK300 Anatomic. Does anyone have any sight risers for this? Any spares much appreciated - PM me or email me at chunter177@hotmail.com. Thanks, Chris
  21. chunter177

    Please Read!

    Hi Neil, As I said at the British 50m- this is a great forum. It has many active users - I recently posted a query about the value of a rifle and enjoyed a prompt response. Be assured- the forum as a whole is much appreciated. I suspect when ISSF rule changes come in it will again be a hive of activity!
  22. Interesting thread!
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