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    Anschutz 4506 Torque Wrench.

    Anschutz 4506 Torque wrench in plastic box. Looks like new. £45 including postage.
  2. narrowboat

    Opticron MM3 Spotting Scope

    Opticron MM3 ED with Opticron 40927 zooming eyepiece, 40314 bipod and 41161 waterproof cover. This is a high quality spotting scope which at 25 yards will let you know whether the shot's in or out. No fuzziness or clouding. I haven't shot at over 25 yards but this would be fine for longer outdoor ranges. New it cost over £500, it's almost unmarked and I'd like £299 plus postage.
  3. narrowboat

    Opticron Spotting scope.

    For sale is an Opticron IS60 waterproof nitrogen filled scope with a 40933SHR2 IS60/IS70 eyepiece with an Opticron waterproof jacket for outdoor shooting. Scope in excellent condition, eyepiece showing signs of wear in the black coating. £120 plus postage. Now Sold
  4. Due to health problems I've had to give up shooting and I have a shed load of things available! The rifle is an Anschutz selected 1907 in (what I think is) a 1913 aluminium and laminate stock, all of which I bought new in 2008/9. It has an Anschutz hook butt plate and an Anschutz 4751 handstop. It's supported on a System Gemini folding bipod and has an Anschutz curved trigger shoe. If required, I do have a modified case that accepts the rifle with the offset sights attached. There are obviously some marks on the stock, I've been using it for the last 8 years or so but generally it scrubs up very very well. The equivalent new rifle would currently cost £3200 but now is for sale at £1550 Now sold. The SIGHTS as you can see in the photo are offset using Centra offset blocks. The foresight is an adjustable Centra Duo Glass and the rearsight setup is based on a Gehmann 598 with a Centra Indoor iris, a Gehmann anti glare tube with iris and a Centra Hawk correction lens all finished off with a Gehmann soft rubber eyepiece! These sights are less than a year old.Now sold. For sale at £495 or £395 without the offset blocks. Also for sale is an Opticron MM3 50 ED, which is less than a year old, with 40918S zooming eyepiece, an Opticron Full weather cover and 4013 Bipod. This is a great small scope that easily fits into a shooting bag and which gives a really excellent view at 25 yards, especially good when shooting handicap or name your own start competitions. Worth having a look ta the website. Currently a new one would be £509 but mine is now available for £250. Champion Olympic Shooting glasses, I think they are about two years old. NOW SOLD I also have other stuff an indoor shooter may need, so please contact me if you want any info on the above or other bits. All the best Narrowboat.
  5. narrowboat

    Gehmann 560 Superfilter Aos Microsight

    Does anyone have a used Gehmann 560 they don't want? If so, please get in touch, I'm really suffering with my eyes and would like to try the 560 before giving up shooting completely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. narrowboat

    Wanted Opticron Is 50 Angled Scope

    Hi everyone, does anyone have an angled Opticron IS 50 with or without the eyepiece? Thanks for looking Narrowboat57
  7. narrowboat

    Wanted Shooting Glasses

    Do you have a set of shooting glasses you don't want? If so please contact me to discuss. Narrowboat57 Now sorted. 03/11/14
  8. narrowboat

    Now Sold

    I have for sale an almost new Gehmann 570 iris with optical corrector which ranges from -4.5 to +4.5 diopter and incorporates the 510 iris. Filters are in: yellow, green, brown, light grey, dark grey and orange. I only used them four times but now don't need them any more due to eye problems. Am looking for around £125 which would include insured postage. New they're £156 plus postage. All the best narrowboat
  9. Am Looking for a set of the above displacement sights. If you've got a set or know someone with some, Please let me know. Many thanks jeremy heiser
  10. THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD (Image downloaded from net but identical) Due to major eye problems I now have for sale a Gehmann 566 colour iris with a 579 Cylindrical lens system, thread adaptor 503-09, 577 magnifying Diopter, and adapter 597-1. Sounds huge but all together is only 61mm from end of adaptor thread to front of iris eyepeice.I've pasted below some info on the main items, but this setup is to compensate for short and long sightedness, and astigmatism and gets rid of the need for shooting glasses. Gehmann Cylindrical Lens System 579 A cylindrical system to compensate short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. Up to now shooters could only use shooting frames in order to solve this problem. This cylindrical lens system is able to compensate for astigmatism and to balance size and optical axis of the eye. In combination with a magnifying diopter (-4.5dpt to 4.5dpt, 503-09) for spherical disorders this product is now able to replace a shooting frame completely. Gehmann Colour Iris 566 Extra short construction New patented aperture control system Perfect circle guaranteed Adjustable from 0.5mm > 3.0mm Minimum light reflection internally Six colour filters; yellow, green, brown, light grey, dark grey and orange Can be used as iris only (no colour) Gehmann 1.5x Magnifying Diopter 503-09 Turns your Gehmann iris into a diopter iris Attaches to any modern Gehmann iris with detachable thread -4.5 to + 4.5 correction 1.5x lens. Retail this kit is £302.5 plus postage. It is unmarked and has been used very little, the raer sight was only used four times so I'd really like £225 for it. Any questions I'll answer as soon as I pick them up. Good shooting jeremy
  11. Am looking for a Gehmann 565 colour iris, a 503-09 1.5x magnifying diopter and a 597 crossover prism. If you have either one or all please contact me. Thanks for looking. Good shooting narrowboat57 NOW SORTED THANKS !!
  12. narrowboat

    Shooting Glasses

    I'm looking to try some shooting glasses, so if you've got a set of frames knocking about gathering dust I'd really be very interested in hearing from you. Straight shooting narrowboat
  13. narrowboat

    Shooting Glasses

  14. narrowboat

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    Thanks Kevin, great service and product! jeremy<br id="FontBreak">
  15. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Hi there, sorry for delay, been away. I was actually trying to buy for a friend and not selling! Try again eh!! narrowboat sorry for delay, just got home after being away for a week.
  16. narrowboat

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    Hi there, That seems fair! Let me know how much the postage is and I'll settle up. Will bank transfer be OK or do you want Paypal or cheque? You can send me the details on jeremyheiser@hotmail.co.uk All the best jeremy
  17. narrowboat

    Anschutz Torque Wrench

    Hi there, would £40 including postage buy this? All the best narrowboat
  18. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    I know ebay/PP charge fees but I don't think its 35% (yet) Price is fairly keen I think...
  19. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    I know ebay/PP charge fees but I don't think its 35% (yet) Price is fairly keen I think... Well I had to try didn't I. What could you do including postage? narrowboat.
  20. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Hi there, am looking for a friend at the rifle club who doesn't use the internet so I'm a bit of a message taker! Can you let me know whether £70 would buy the sights, bearing in mind that ebay would charge for advertising, % of final selling price and probably paypal fees as well!!! Do you want to contact me on jeremyheiser@hotmail.co.uk ? All the best narrowboat.
  21. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Do you still have one of these for sale?
  22. narrowboat

    Xlt Double Rifle Case

    Am looking for an XLT double rifle case or similar. Must have 5" or so of foam and be in reasonable condition. I'll be willing to pay the right price for the right case! Thanks for looking. Narrowboat
  23. narrowboat

    Centra Eye 11 Clamp

    For sale is my Centra Eye 11 offset sight blocks for right handed shooters needing or wanting to use their left eye. The kit is just about a year old and has been set up for a barrel diameter of 24mm. If your barrel is bigger than that I could get the kit reamed out to your requirement by a local engineer but there would be a small cost depending on the amount of work. (probably about £20) For more info try this link: http://www.edinkilli...tml?cPath=44_20 £120 ono including postage.
  24. narrowboat

    New Rearsight Wanted!

    Hi again, I now hava a gehmann lockable rearsight for sale. Not too sure about the history of it but it's in very good condition and I would like £150 including insured postage. If you look on the intershoot site at the 595 lockable rearsight it looks almost identical except the two little silver bits at the bottom are black. Look forward to hearing from you. narrowboat
  25. narrowboat

    Anschutz 6805 Rear Sight

    Hi Alex, don't know what happened cause I replied straight away, weird or what??? Any way, yes I'm happy with £100 and can accept cheque, paypal or preferably bank transfer. Let me know which way you want to go and I'll give you any details neccessary. Thanks for coming back to me. all the best jeremy