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  1. Hi Does the price of £5.00 include postage for the red bolt knob if so I will have it please , do you take paypal. Steve
  2. Hi mate all arrived safely thank you. Regards ch
  3. Hi mate Ill take them off your hands or £10.00 for the Lot Steve
  4. Hi mate any chance of some pictures please steve
  5. hi mate whats it shoot like at 1000Yds, any targets steve
  6. Hi guys I have a Jacket when I can find it I will post a picture a little mark on the shoulder I think but it will do someone , If someone Pays the Postage for it and makes a good sensible offer to Help for Heroes they will get it Steve
  7. Have you got my address yet mate steve
  8. Hi Mate Ive tried and tried , I will try again Steve
  9. Hi Mate I will have these too please if still available Steve
  10. Hi Mate I will take it please Steve
  11. Hi Mate I would like the Rifle but it does not say where you are, you might live too far away ? please email me Regards Steve
  12. Hi Rob PM sent regarding Scope , Thank You Regards Steve
  13. Hi Again Mate What would you say was the approx shot count through the Rifle please Sorry I forgot to ask in previous Repl Steve
  14. Hi Mate Could I ask please, what is the date stamp on the barrel please, why show it with butt plate and hook if they are not included ? Steve
  15. Hi mate Apicture of the barrel would be nice , to see exactly which one it is ? Regards Steve
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