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    Ammunition Test Rig

    Jim, it’s great to see you’ve decided to open pandora’s box. This string in Target Talk might be informative, and/or confusing... which is the nature of this beast. http://www.targettalk.org/viewtopic.php?t=54806&start=0 There are some developments at Bookham (work in progress), and I think Staveley has something interesting set up, plus there are the various manufacturers with their chosen approaches and Eley has a mobile testing rig as well as their permanent range(s). Good luck and please post how you get on. Peter
  2. Trident, did you mean to pm me or mlj?
  3. Thanks MLJ, I liked the "strong and stable"... The stand is Imperial Gun Company, probably built in the early 1990s. I have exactly the same one and it is very sturdy and reliable.
  4. Thanks. Agreed. The Meyton box is heavy, but looks like it does the job and I think thats about the price.
  5. Does it come with the .22 protection plate? Mary, if you go for this, we can form the Surrey Meyton owners club, as we've just got one up and running for Lina.
  6. Thanks Scott. No problem, just looking for broken stocks with half an idea to build a test rig.
  7. Hi Scott Have you sold the stock yet? Pete
  8. Thanks both Target Talk delivered the answer. It's a Jensen & Sons (USA). I don't think it's still in production and can't find a site for them, but might have a PM seller.
  9. Dear all I'm looking for a replacement handstop for the one pictured here (best res available at the moment). I think it is of US origin and is similar to (but has a smaller profile than) the plastic Anschutz one. This mystery one has a 'pop in' sling attachment, a brass side/twist knurled adjustment screw and a metal post that accepts a short screw in bar, for quick adjustment. Any information about possible sources or makers would be much appreciated. PeteJ
  10. PeteJ

    Anschutz 1913

    Thanks Howard and apologies for my slow response. I'm following but emails aren't coming through. I'll let our club member know. Can you get any pics? Peter
  11. PeteJ

    Anschutz 1913

    One of our club members in Surrey is looking for an older 1913 for his son if anyone's selling. Peter
  12. Noptel Sport II for sale. £900 ono One careful lady owner and good as new. Comes with prisms from USA (not Noptel), so works well at 50m as well as 25 yards and 10m with reflectors and at home. As here, but with additional prisms: http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/noptel-sport-ii-10m-set-p-140.html Please PM to discuss. Pete J
  13. Thanks Ark Fitz. Fortunately no purchase required, as an old PC laptop running Vista has been donated by our kind niece and her husband... who are now officially the only sponsors of Lina's World Championship campaign ;-).
  14. Wanted: One old PC laptop from the loft/bottom of cupboard/being used as a doorstop, for collection somewhere in London or the South East. Battery life not an issue as long as it has a power supply, a single USB port and is running Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Our 16 year old IBM ThinkPad has finally given up and we urgently need something for nothing asap for training on the KTS target for Granada. Thanks in advance!
  15. We've potentially got an Anschutz 2213 alu round action stock for sale, blue and light wood finish like this one: http://tinyurl.com/mcdk2tx and in good condition. No handlift though. There's no butt plate or sights, but the Anschutz butt plate carrier with two pins would come with it. Please email me if you want to discuss: mailjones@ntlworld.com We're in Surrey, but there's a trip to Cardiff coming up in June, so transport might be sorted if you're based anywhere near. However, a few people know about it already, it might go sooner.
  16. Hi Rudd Did you sell the Noptel? I'm interested in the prisms really; either to buy separately or to source something cheaper than Noptel ones, but of a high enough quality. Any info would be gratefully received. Pete J
  17. Thanks! Said item acquired. Please no one tell they've got a secondhand one cheaper...
  18. We're thinking about getting a Noptel. Is anyone thinking of selling?
  19. PeteJ

    Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    Thanks Kirks. We've gone for a custom job... For anyone interested, the parts list is: Flag ribbon as above (50mm x 400mm / 150 g/m2 ISSF spec) c.50p each (25m roll) 10mm aluminium poles (B&Q) c.£3.50 each Stainless steel 1 mm welding tig rod (free...) Multipurpose plastic rawl plugs from B&Q (£6 for 50) Small beads from Hobbycraft (£3.50 for loads) We're mounting them like golf flags so we can mow over the capped holes and find them and not worry about clearing out the holes every time. We can't have any concrete down range, so the plastic pin cups are ideal: PVC golf pin cups (ebay - £2.50 each) Golf flag plastic ferrules (c.£2.50 each) Pics to follow
  20. PeteJ

    Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    Thanks for your ideas. I went for the Ebay option.... it's just the job and weighs in perfectly. Thanks Demonloop.
  21. PeteJ

    Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    Thanks all. I'll try ebay and see how it goes.
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