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    Feinwerkbau Model P40 Match Target Pistol

    Feinwerkbau Model P40 Match Target Pistol. Very good condition , Large RH Morini Grip. 2 x cylinders one new 2015, one old, ok for club use. 4.5mm and 5.0mm foresight blades, spare seals, handbook. The grip has had some modification which can be removed. £525.ono. Feinwerkbau Model P40 Match Target Pistol Pictures by email nigelw1050@gmail.com SOLD
  2. silvershooter

    Vintage Tube Sight.

    Yes I think you are spot on, you have jogged my failing memory. Thank you.
  3. silvershooter

    Vintage Tube Sight.

    Vintage Tube sight for sale. I bought this in the late 70's. It's 117mm long and has an O.D of 29mm. in good condition. It will fit Anschutz dovetails (well it used to) SOLD
  4. silvershooter

    Knobloch Frames (Or Similar)

    Looking for some Knobloch or similar shooting frames for pistol shooting. Thanks for looking. I have now found some S/H frames. Thanks