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  1. RobinC

    Walther Sight

    Thanks Yes I had thought of that, but I was hoping to pick up a s/h one cheaper than paying 199Eu for a new one, and a mostly in the ope that some one who had a Match one would swop it for the Comp one. The Comp one is mint but they are taller than the match and is not suited to our standing Zero checking technique. Robin
  2. RobinC

    Walther Sight

    I need a Walther Match sight as fitted to the basic LG300 air rifles, I can swop a mint Walther Competition sight (the type with the elevation scale) as fitted to the KK300 or buy.
  3. RobinC

    Wanted - Junior Target Rifle For Club...

    Hi Sandy my wife is short and has always had the same problems of juniors, she uses a light barreled Walther KK300 in a shortened Alutec stock, still probably too heavy for your needs and expensive, and I'm also involved with coaching juniors in air rifle where I build a junior rifle from a senior. The cheap answer is revert to the saw! There are masses of cheap Annies out there, 54's etc, shortening the stocks is simple, and you can also remove weight from stocks, but if you also wish to remove muzzle weight which is preferable, then shorten the barrel, any good gunsmith can do it. I can assure you the amount that you can take off a barrel and they still shoot well (some times better!) is scary. If you really want the sight base an alloy tube will take them back longer.
  4. RobinC

    Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    Neale Thanks, just what I was looking for, I think that closes this thread now as I have all the sizes I want.
  5. RobinC

    Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    We need small rifle shooting boots for a school club, sizes 5 to 7, as cheap as possible. Please E mail robin.carter80@ntlworld.com
  6. RobinC

    Wanted - Small Shooting Boots

    Thank you very much to all those who contacted, I've got a couple now but I'm still looking for 6.5 and 7's, thanks very much to those who contacted with surplus very good boots at good fair prices but sadly over our budget, for this group of 13 year olds our funds are very limited so at this stage I'm looking for old but loved boots under £30. We have started a club of kids from scratch and its scary what we have spent! Go on, you must have a pair of the old two tone brown suede Gehmann's in 7 that you've had tucked away for years that could go to a good home!
  7. Any one got an unwanted Old style (14 - 16 - 18 series) forsight tunnel with the wider dovetail, I need one with threads at both ends as I want to use an eagle eye. Its for my fullbore rifle and the only ones I've got don't have the threads. Contact on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com
  8. RobinC

    Shooting Stands For Sale

    Thanks Andrew The four stands you've made and supplied for our new school group are ideal as club stands, four for the cost one top spec one! I can heartily reccomend them. Robin
  9. RobinC

    Air Bottle Wanted

    44Mag Thanks if you could, I paid 100 pounds for a 12 lt 300bar for the club this year, but I think I got a very good deal, but as close or low as I can get would be good, I've seen new ones for 220 pounds. This is for a new club not yet operational so I'm in no mad rush, just pre planning. Robin
  10. RobinC

    Air Bottle Wanted

    Wanted Air Bottle, must be 300 bar, idealy 12lts, ideally in test, but would consider an out of test in good condition. Robin
  11. RobinC

    Air Bottle Wanted

    Thanks Walter Its really a bit too small for us as we want it for a club one, but I still might consider it if its really cheap, can you let me know what you'll want for it please. Robin
  12. RobinC

    Wire Changer

    I have been searching for new changers and have had an excellent quote from Spieth who will supply direct. Drop them an email with your requirements. Robin
  13. RobinC

    Wanted- Keppeler Make Action Adapter

    Jonty Phone Keppeler, 0049 7971 91 12 41 , ask for Johannes he speaks perfect English and they are very helpfull. Robin
  14. Olly we'll have the boots as club stock I'll email for contact details. Best regards Robin
  15. RobinC

    Kowa Angled Spotting Scope

    I's a TS1 I've just paid £50 for one. And they are excelent optics, I've had a straight one, the TS2 for 40 years and jumped at the angled one when it came up. They were suplied body only £79.50 in 1980, with choice of eyepieces from 15X, 20X, 25x, 40X, 60X, 25X -50X zoom at extra cost from £17.30 to £36.25 all prices plus Vat! Mine are both 25X. I know prices as I got a page out of a 1980 Guns review with mine! Robin
  16. RobinC

    Feinwerkbau 700 Universal

    Tim He's too busy playing golf to answer! but he's one of ours at Norwich City, Nice rifle as well, you should come along and try standing one Tuesday instead of this grovelling on the ground. Good Shooting Robin
  17. RobinC

    Club Boots Wanted

    Thanks Andrew Those are a bit rich for us, and we do have a pair of nines, we really need some 8's, old ones will do ideally £40 or less. Thanks Jamie Yep, a bit big, but if we get a giant or a hobbit join I'll remember you! We disuade big people as our range has a 6ft 3in ceiling! Robin
  18. RobinC

    Club Boots Wanted

    We are in need of shooting boots in size 8, they are for youngsters in a club so must be cheap, older ones happily accepted. Robin
  19. RobinC

    Sauer Shooting Boots For Sale - Size 11

    Bill For club stock, PM sent. Robin
  20. RobinC

    Walther Lg 300 Stock Wanted

    Wanted any Right handed Walther LG 300 stock, wood or alloy, can swop an LG 300XT left handed wood stock or will buy. Robin
  21. RobinC

    Fullbore Target Rifle

    Having been led astray again, my wife and I are now returning to fullbore rifle shooting, and will be looking for a decent NRA target rifle, idealy under £500. Robin
  22. RobinC

    Shooting Jackets And Trousers For Sale

    Kevin Yes please PM sent, Best regards Robin
  23. RobinC

    Looking For A S/h Jacket

    Thanks Martin Not what were looking for now,but I'll remember in case we get a left hooker Cheers Robin
  24. RobinC

    Looking For A S/h Jacket

    I'm looking for a club jacket for a new member. None of our club jackets fit as he is short and a bit portly. Ideal euro size would be 28 but anything in the region of chest 130 and waist 122 would do. Its for air rifle so requires a grip patch on the side. Can any one help? Robin
  25. RobinC

    For Sale: Hammerli Ar 50

    PM sent Robin