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  1. timinder

    Standard Walther Foresight Tunnel

    I've got one which came with my GX-1, but it's quite a small diameter. I can check the measurements later if you think it's what you're looking for?
  2. timinder

    Accessory Sale Updated Scope, Glasses + More Added

    sounds good, how much were you looking for for the scope only?
  3. timinder

    Accessory Sale Updated Scope, Glasses + More Added

    I might be interested in the scope. How good is it for 100 yards?
  4. timinder

    Poly Morph

    Still interested if you have any left. I think your PM inbox must be full though, as I can't send you my address. Let me know your email and we can do it that way.
  5. I might have some. I've got an old-style Walther front sight with some post inserts. I haven't measured it but I know it's smaller than 18mm. If you're interested I can measure them this evening.
  6. timinder

    Poly Morph

    Hi, I'd like to try "some" please, however you're dividing it up. Let me know and I'll PM you my address etc.
  7. timinder

    Various For Sale

    Hi, PM sent (a while ago!) re: your rifles.
  8. timinder

    Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    I use mine fairly loose, relying on the shoulder strap (I think it' called the "connect") to keep it in position. I reckon I could get at least a couple of fingers in the gap between sling and arm but I haven't tried. It's not so long that the cuff contacts my forearm though.
  9. timinder

    Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    I've got one and find it excellent, wth no real sign of wear. I think the ball bearings would be the ones in the sling/handstop attachment. For some reason you have to screw in the knob to lock it rather than a push-button as found on other types. I've often thought when undoing it that if I unscrewed it too far, the balls might fall out!
  10. timinder

    Rearsight Iris Wanted

    What features are you looking for? I've got an Anschutz one that I don't use any more that has coloured filters and variable iris. I also have a screw-in dual polariser that I'd been keeping for a "spare" if you were interested. What's your budget?
  11. timinder

    Clear Out

    I'll give you a quid for it as I've got a hacksaw
  12. timinder

    Supermatch Stock

    Sign me up for one too!
  13. timinder

    Feinwerkbau 700 Universal

    Hey, I LIKE grovelling on the ground - following the birth of baby No.2, it's the only chance I get to relax!
  14. timinder

    Feinwerkbau 700 Universal

    Just down the road from me! Where do/did you shoot?
  15. timinder

    View First Unread

    If you click on the blue dot to the left of the topic it will take you to the first unread post. Is that what you mean?
  16. timinder

    Wanted: Air Rifle

    I just wondered as a rifle suitable for HFT and/or hunting wouldn't necessarily be up to spec or have a suitable stock shape for producing decent 3p scores, and vice-versa.
  17. timinder

    Wanted: Air Rifle

    When you say General purpose, what sort of purposes are you thinking of? 3 position AR FT HFT Hunting
  18. timinder

    Wanted- Alloy Stock

    Does this mean you have a surplus wooden one to move on?
  19. timinder

    Scatt For Sale

    Certainly does! SCATTs are just like buses
  20. timinder

    Books For Sale!

    I'd like "Rifle: Steps to Success" please - PM inbound...
  21. timinder

    Scatt Trainer For Sale

    If only you'd put this up for sale a couple of weeks ago! Good luck with your sale.
  22. timinder

    Looking For A Stock

    Still "not allowed" to get myself a FAC (by wife, no suspicious reasons!) but I have spoken to my club and they would be fine with me buying a stock to fit to one of the club rifles. It's a round-action 54, currently in a 1403 stock, so I just can't get it to fit me nicely, and find myself having to float my head over the stock to see through the sights, so not really ideal! I'm on a bit of a budget, so if anyone has something with an adjustable cheekpiece and possibly even a buttplate, I'm interested, even if it's not in great condition.
  23. timinder

    Looking For A Scatt Usb

    Hi, I'm in the market for a SCATT (or indeed a Noptel etc.) system to help train Air Cadets at my Squadron. If anyone has one gathering dust or just needs the cash(!) let me know.
  24. timinder

    Anschutz Butt Plates

    OK, I'll give you that! I should really not post so late when most of my brain is asleep!
  25. timinder

    Anschutz Butt Plates

    If you read the sticky at the top of the "For Sale" section, you'll see that you need to state a price...