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  1. jimmy

    Grunig & Elmiger Stork - Revolution

    Has the Blieker gone if not is it L/H or R/Hand ....thank you.
  2. jimmy

    L/h Rim Fire.

    PM sent.
  3. jimmy

    L/h Rim Fire.

    Wanted near new L/Hand rim fire .22 lr target rifle cash waiting.....Jimmy.
  4. jimmy

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    Has the stock been sold and the carriers..??????? what area are you...??????...jimmy .
  5. jimmy

    Left Handed Prone Rifle For Club - Wanted

    One of the lads at our rifle club has gone to the dark side from 22lr rifle to air pistol...lol he has a Anschutz match 54 l/h a uniqueT.66 l/h and a BSA 12/15 ambi all .22 lr send me a pm I give you name and contact details ok Timmy.
  6. jimmy

    Sling Wanted

    Are you a left or right handed shooter type of sling required,,,,,thanks.....
  7. jimmy

    Full Kit For Sale

    PM sent thx ...jimmy
  8. E mail sent Nick thanks.
  9. jimmy

    Feinwerkbau 2700 For Sale

    Thanks for the heads up im meating Dave sunday hes got a front turn over sight for me ill chase it up...again thanks.
  10. jimmy

    Feinwerkbau 2700 For Sale

    yep will do.................ok.
  11. jimmy

    Feinwerkbau 2700 For Sale

    thanks for the prompt reply well being a lefty i am in the market for a newer model having the 2602... never mind something might come along again thank you.
  12. jimmy

    Feinwerkbau 2700 For Sale

    Hi can you tell me the orentation of the rifle Right or Left handed any chance of photos thank you.....jimmy
  13. jimmy

    Wanted- Alloy Stock

    Sent you PM jonty ......jimmy
  14. jimmy

    Ruger 10/22

    Yes 44mag interested m8.....see your in nottingham im in stoke....send me some details price ect and ill arange to pop across if thats no prob or meet up what ever thx...jimmy
  15. jimmy

    Ruger 10/22

    Thx for the reply Squishy....the probs ive had trying to get a true L/H rifle L/H bolt to do a bit of gallery ect ...either new in the price range or second hand its hard to find anything .Its either R/H or Ambi, my fault for being a leftie......thx anyway .