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  1. Looks like a 54 is 44" chest, so probably not big enough. It is for a right hander, though, and not had much use.
  2. My husband used a Holme size 54 (continental size). Any good?
  3. I haven't had a reply from Jonty, so you're welcome to have the bipod as well. I think £50 for the two is fine, the bipod retails at £67 (Edinkillie) so that would be a fair price.
  4. Hi Wayne I have a double canvas jacket about that size. It started as a Mouche, made for another lady. I bought it because the back and shoulders were a good fit, but it was much too big at the front, and the arms were too short. I had it modified and properly fitted at Tenpointnine. It is now available, make an offer if you are interested.
  5. I have one from a Feinwerkbau. Make me a (reasonable) offer!
  6. I have a Nikko Stirling Target Master 8-32X44 available, set up for Anschutz 54. Not had much use by my husband, as his arthritis forced him to give up completely. Bought S/H for £250 18 months ago, not used for over a year. Make me a (reasonable) offer.
  7. atravis

    Shooting cardigan

    Hi Tim I have a Mouche available, not new, but if you're still interested let me know. I've decided to quit while I'm still in 'X', rather than slowly descend, so have a LOT of kit for sale. Ann
  8. I have 2, one each in 18mm and 22mm, make an offer! They are about 3 years old, but not used for past year.
  9. I have one available, about 5 years old - but of course not used for the last year. Make me a (reasonable) offer!
  10. I have some bits from one, the wire plus attachments, a buckle and a length of strap. I modified mine so I now have a 2-piece sling with a cuff round my arm with a bit of chain, with a strap attached to the forestock with a hook to fit to the chain. I'm looking for a new cuff, as the one I have is splitting. I've managed to get round this at present, but expect it will split again at some time. Let me know if you would like any of the bits
  11. We have a big increase in Air shooters this year, mostly youngsters, and need more rifles and pistols. Preferably FWB 300s rifles and FWB side lever pistols. The FWB 601 series springs are too stiff for juniors. Any other suggestions welcome, but nothing really pricy - we simply can't afford it!
  12. I would like a 2nd hand pneumatic air rifle. I'm not really good enough to justify the expense unless there's one available cheap! Will be going to Scottish and Bisley meetings, I live in Devon.
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