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  1. Could you show a photo of the stand so it can show what is wanted please.
  2. Sorry, I hadn't realised I'd missed the price! OIRO £200, not sure when it was bought, but bought new from Dave Parish a long time ago. Not had a tremendous amount of use, it was my husband's and he basically gave up about 10 years ago as his RA was giving him so much trouble. He retired from National meetings during the really muddy shoot at Lauder, when cars had to be tractored out. It's in good condition as the photos show, the funny antiglare tube was added after he needed an eagle eye.
  3. Thanks for that, I'll leave it here for a while, then maybe take another approach. I'm in no hurry!
  4. OK, OIRO £100. If that's wildly over what it's worth, let me know please!
  5. No sights as shown. Offers please.
  6. Complete with sights as shown. Offers please.
  7. This has very little use. It's ideal for benchrest, 8-32X44. Offers around £250
  8. I have something like that - no fixings, but you can have it for£10 which should cover postage.
  9. I have a Nikko Stirling scope 8-32X44 for benchrest shooting, it was my husband's, but he barely used it at all as his health problems meant he couldn't control his trigger action, so he gave up soon after getting it. If you PM your email address I'll send a photo.
  10. I have 8 various pairs of shooting glasses for sale, all used. Anyone interested please send a PM giving email address, and I'll forward details and photos .
  11. My jacket is a 40"-42", originally made by Mouche for Anne Hamilton (Edinburgh), not used by her, passed on to someone else who passed it on to me. I had it extensively altered by Tenpointnine as the sleeves were too short and the bust too big. It comes with a Tenpointnine bag. I've added a picture.
  12. I have a lot of kit for sale, mainly mine, some of my husband's - he gave 2 years ago. We both shot prone, my husband then did bench rest briefly. There's too much to list individually, 3 rifles FWB 2700, Anschutz mod 54 set up for bench rest, lightweight BSA Mk2 (no sights), 2 spotting scopes, Duguid sight, other sights (not BSA!) including scope for bench rest, various scope stands, Gemini buttplate for FWB, jackets, shooting 'vests', gloves, lots of bits and pieces. PM for photos and more details.
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