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  1. MajorRS

    Anschutz 1607

    Oh right! Well, there are regularly chaps on a Tuesday night who are looking for a rifle - get an advert down there soon, would be good to sell it on to a local shooter
  2. MajorRS

    Anschutz 1607

    I think you should reconsider selling your rifle, and come and join us at Midsomer Norton rifle club!
  3. Centra Score Plus Tunnel wanted - Preferably to fit an FWB! Also, 8mm foresight raising block, also to fit an FWB. Thanks, Dan
  4. MajorRS

    Wanted: Duplex Inserts

    Anything above a 4.0 Thanks!
  5. MajorRS

    Mec Duplex System -Sold-

    Jonty... why did you flog it? I've been thinking about one for a while, sorry to have missed out on yours
  6. MajorRS

    Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    I can confirm that, yes, the ball bearings DO fall out if you keep undoing that screw (it's easier than you think!) It's happened to me once during a match, and a handful of times in training, and now it's just become part of my drill to make sure the screw is done up again fully after I undo it to release it. Hasn't happened since. I can also add it is ALMOST impossible to get the BBs back in again, and a real pain in the a*se. I told MEC about the problem, and asked what I could do to prevent it, and they sent me a new front part of the sling. As I eventually found the missing BB (it was in the turn up of my jeans...) I now always carry a spare in my kit bag In short, great sling, just be careful when undoing it and ALWAYS do it up tight immediately after you release it from the handstop.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have any High End Inserts they are not using and can part with? Need M22, ideally 1.1 width, and looking between 3.6 - 4.2 in diameter. Cheers!
  8. MajorRS

    Feinerkbau 2700 For Sale

    It wasn't hugely likely to be for sale still after 3 years
  9. MajorRS

    Bits For Sale

    PM Sent
  10. MajorRS

    Scatt Or Rika

    You'll pay 25 euros for shipping I'd imagine. The only thing that put's me off that site is you have to pay by bank transfer (fee associated with that) too. The owner has decent shooting pedigree though Has anyone ever bought from that site?
  11. MajorRS

    Scatt Or Rika

    Where are you seeing one for sub £750?
  12. MajorRS

    Feinwerkbau 2700 Cleaning Rod Guide

    Anyone got one lying around?