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    Small-bore Shooting,Walking,Jazz,Real Ale,Cider,Malt Whisky,BBQ's,Gardening, and enjoying all of these with my friends.....
  1. Ark Fitz

    Scatt Mx02 As New

    You have too much time on your hands Mark Lol, mind you the way I have been shooting the last 12 months I need to go over the Club and use the one there. Wish I had a lot more time on my hands at the moment, its jolly hard to find time to train and I need to get out a club news letter before Bisley..
  2. Ark Fitz

    Scatt Mx02 As New

    Amazed your selling your MX-02 Bob, At first I only used mine a few times a month but now use is every day weather its at home indoors (5m) or down the garden (25m) but at weekends its in full use with my club.
  3. Ark Fitz

    Butt Hook And Butt Plate For Sale

    Another grand butt plate added to club kit pleasure doing the deal "Slainte"
  4. Ark Fitz

    Anschutz 1913 Dry Firing Assembly

    I'll take that Gary PM sent
  5. Ark Fitz

    Gun Safe For Sale As New

    Many thanks Jim, for all your help with this via John and also for the glove and sling you had for sale, grand to put a face to a name and good we could meet up at Bisley during the British 50m champs... the very best of regards Mark
  6. Ark Fitz

    Left Handed Stuff For Sale

    PM Sent
  7. Ark Fitz

    Left Handed Prone Shooting Equipment

    PM Sent
  8. Ark Fitz

    Match 54 Adjustable Stock

    PM sent
  9. Ark Fitz

    Anschutz 1613 For Sale, Sights, Raiser Blocks Etc

    Hi Steve has this sold..If still for sale please PM some Photo please...
  10. Ark Fitz

    Wanted Opticron Is 50 Angled Scope

  11. Ark Fitz

    Black Opticron Scope Poles

    Jenny Corish has x2 Freeland scope stand extention poles may be worth a look...
  12. Ark Fitz

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight

    Many thanks Christopher arrive yesterday while at work pick up this morning, one of our club members Peter, will be happy as the the rearsight is in mint..
  13. Ark Fitz

    Eagle Eye 0.3X 22Mm

    pleasure Tim..
  14. Ark Fitz

    Anschutz 6805 Rearsight

    Pm sent