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    Anschutz Match 64

    Have PMd you. Alan
  2. Arkaig

    Sold Anschutz 2013

    Hi Duncan, would be interested to see some photos of your rifle. Please email to algord99@hotmail.co.uk Cheers Alan
  3. Arkaig

    Bsa Martini International Mk Iv Left Handed

    Hi, do you still have this rifle for sale? I am enquiring on behalf of our fifle club (Dulnainbridge) We have been looking for a left handed rifle for club use as we have had a few newcomers who are left handed. We are in Scottish Highlands, how much to send? Regards Alan Could you please contact me at..........algord99@hotmail.co.uk Mob 07788132134
  4. Arkaig

    Anschutz 1407 For Sale

    Like Chris photo's would be helpful to wda40@btinternet.com Willie