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  1. 44mag

    Rifle For Sale

    Sorry Lg300, iv got it.... and very nice it is too!!
  2. 44mag

    Rifle For Sale

    pm sent cheers
  3. Hi search for item No: 150598123263 on ebay its for a square action but you can get adapters for a round action hope that helps.
  4. 44mag

    Remaining Kit Clearout

    Dibs on the cap then. PM sent
  5. 44mag

    Remaining Kit Clearout

    Hi what color is the hps cap? and whereabouts in the UK are you?
  6. kn 44mag, Would your club have a left-hand rifle that you want to dispose of? We are looking for one - BSA Martini International Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 or similar. Jim Hi Jim sorry but we dont have one available. in a club of around 25 members 8 of them are left handed !! The best place to find them is the scotarms auction. plenty of quality target firearms pass through here at prices that are more inline with reality rather than what a shooter 'thinks' they are worth eg. a club member just bought a late model 1813 supermatch lefthanded for less than £250 and yes its was mint and it shoots! i picked up a left handed international Mk111 for less than £100. plenty of decent fullbore firearms pass through there too along with the usuall militaria. regards sean
  7. Hi my club is looking to add/upgrade its collection of club rifles can you supply more info model age etc ... maybe a photo? cheers sean
  8. How much are you looking for? Does i t come with sights?
  9. 44mag

    Left Handed Anshutz

    hey dom im looking for a left hander too pm me with a pic and an idea of what you want for it.
  10. hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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