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  1. 44mag

    Fwb 2602 Bolt

    Not to mention the fac licencing issues it may cause!!
  2. 44mag

    Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    If ebay turns up nothing try the UK's biggest ribbon manufacturer http://www.berisfords-ribbons.co.uk
  3. Iv just been given the go ahead to dispose of our clubs martini's 2 of which are lightweight ones I think. I will be getting them out of storage tonight and will list them on stirton later this week when iv checked them over.
  4. Ignore me I'm not funny !
  5. 44mag

    Air Bottle Wanted

    Robin do you have a budget in mind? got quite a few friends in the dive trade ill ask around.
  6. Thanks to Skirmisher and Dom i now have some of what im looking for. If anyone has a 3.9 and a 4.1 with a 1.2 ring thickness that they would like to part with then please let me know.
  7. Skirmisher, I'll take the 3.8 please iv pm'd you
  8. Dom ill take the 4.0 and 4.2 thanks. pm me details of how you want paying (paypal??) Squishy let me know what you have if any please. thanks
  9. has anyone got m18 high end inserts for sale in the following sizes .. 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1 all with 1.2mm ring thickness. iv managed to lose some Booooooo!!! any help appreciated sean
  10. Hi All, Does anybody have a complete set of rear metalwork from a super match stock that they would be willing to part with? Im after 2 carriers for the same too. And also the later type adjustable buttplate hook that came on the 1813 Iv attached a couple of pics of what i need (ignore the Tec-Hro bits) Just parts of above would be considered any help greatly recieved. Cheers Sean
  11. If anyone is interested the are some hens teeth for sale on ebay. For sale by 'thehammerfalls' Sercs GE600 stock in blue for 20 series action with adaptor for 19 series Currently at £560 Can't post a link cos my HTC won't let me cut n paste it !
  12. Is your tec cheek piece still available?
  13. this may help http://www.brattonsound.co.uk/how_buy.html
  14. Hi Does anybody have a centra rearsight mirror (or similar) that will fit a gehmann iris that they would be willing to lend me for a short while so i can evaluate if it would be usefull to me or not before purchasing. Or ill dive straight in and purchase if somebody offers one at a reasonable price. any help greatly recieved. thanks
  15. 44mag

    Supermatch Stock

    Your in the ball park with that figure Tim, I bought a left handed 1813L supermatch stock minus buttplate and carrier off ebay in march for £75!! They come up quite often for less than that on ebay.
  16. 44mag

    Scatt Or Rika

    Graham I suggest you contact Miroslav for a shipping quote. By the time you have added that and any other applicable taxes you won't have saved much. Demonloop .. I stand corrected I was looking at the universal model which is around 1100 euros. Even at 1850 euros that is considerably less than prices in the uk. A couple of the sites you listed even have anschutz 8002's at low prices. I'm not knocking any UK retailer ,we all have to make a living , but the disparity between UK and Europe on price, esp new rifles and pistols is there for all to see.
  17. 44mag

    Scatt Or Rika

    Like a previous poster asked, can you provide links to these SCATTs under EUR750? I just checked a few German sites and can't find any. I doubt very much that you will, 999 euros is approx £750. On some of the German shooting forums the going rate for secondhand scat usb systems is 850 euro's approx £680. There are no scatt systems currently listed on egun.de Also fwb 700's new are around 1400 euros(£1,100) new from several sites beats me why they are 2k + from uk retailers?? fwb 800's are 2,220 euros hmmmm i want one
  18. Only going by you profile location just dont ask the nsra for relocation costs!!
  19. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STEEL-GUN-CABINET-HOLD-3-RIFLES-ANSCHUTZ-WALTHER-FWB-BERETTA-Etc-/110824771307?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&hash=item19cdabceeb a compromise perhaps?
  20. 44mag

    Gehmann Iris Parts

    Problem solved.. and much cheaper than i thought it would too !! Thanx
  21. 44mag

    Gehmann Iris Parts

    Hi I currently use a gehmann 575 iris,the one with the dioptre on it. I want to remove the dioptre part as i dont use it. now i know that gehmann does the dioptre as an add on for its other sights this involves removing the front locknut and threaded part and screwing the dioptre on. As i acquired my iris with the dioptre in place im missing the bits to change it back. Does anybody have the locknut and threaded insert that i need. Or a knackered iris i could scavenge parts from. or failing that a part number so i can order one from gehmann. Any help greatly appreciated.
  22. pics would probably help your cause. on auction via ebay will probably net you approx £70-£90 pounds with a £50 starting bid or with a £100 starting bid you might get lucky. just my humble opinion.
  23. 44mag

    Ruger 10/22

    Squishy sorry to hijack yur thread @ Jimmy i have a true left walther g22 if your interested regards 44mag
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