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  1. You can get the correct cap head screws from McMaster Carr in the USA but certainly not for a quid plus post. The Belleville washers used on the 18 series were an attempt to keep bedding tension consistent as wood expands and contracts with the environment it's in. Now here's the thing about this system, over time shooters fiddle with things including these washers iv yet to see a Belleville stack that was doing the right thing on a supermatch stock. Most shooters screwed them down so tight that they did nothing anyway. Or they stacked them wrong so that the tension required for them to work right could never be achieved without the screw thread being stripped. If the stock has had pillars installed or has been chem bedded it don't need them. I personally don't think the standard wood bedding needs it either plenty of other wood stocks don't use this system! if you have a good torque wrench in your kit bag a quick check before shooting is all thats required. Chris if you don't dig any up its 2 minutes work for me to make you some and if it needs bedding I can do that too.
  2. If you have found them on google for a quid each please point me in that direction....
  3. 44mag

    Anschutz 5018 Trigger

    Send it to Anschutz Tim. Its a current trigger so can be rebuilt. Or you can get a new unit. Stelljes have them. . 300 euros plus post.
  4. Technically not a sale as you gave it away! :P
  5. 44mag

    Forum App

    Are you thinking about tappatalk??
  6. 44mag

    Clear Out Of Kit

    By the looks of it Rutty its on the sling in the pics.
  7. 44mag


    If its a model 260 there are 2 variants if yours is an early one a savage mk2 can be made to fit with varying degrees of success. The short 5 round mags from an anschutz repeater can be made to fit with minor mods too. 80 euro for a mag for a krico is ridiculous. Try looking at the US. Google 'hoosier gun works' and send them an email The Krico 260 was sold in the USA under the trade winds name, if you've been googlin you probably already know that. personally the 2 I inherited weren't all that and parts are hard to find. Firing pins are a weak spot. If you break that you wont find a replacement.
  8. 44mag


    Squishy, I'm guessing the Gemini nuts are same M5 thread as the Anschutz ? If so pm me with your details so we can sort summat out.
  9. 44mag


    Does anyone have hidden away in their cupboard/kit bag/spares box. 4 of the nuts that where used on an Anschutz supermatch stock to secure the butt-plate to the carrier. In the manual they are part no 89 on the exploded drawing. If you can help please let me know Cheers
  10. The only time you use the bipod is if you are not holding the rifle. Why not put it down on something like a kneeling roll or a block of 2x4.... same thing but less weight on the end of the rifle.
  11. 44mag

    Lh Grip For Fas604

    Nelson, thanks for the offer but you beat me to posting a reply. Iv got myself sorted thank you and thanks to all those that replied.
  12. 44mag

    Lh Grip For Fas604

    Hi has anyone got a large left handed grip for a FAS604 air pistol they want to part with? Thanks for looking
  13. Not sold yet still available. Thanks
  14. Surely the ones on the trigger are smaller than M8 diameter thread? Seems a very large bolt for such a small purpose! Jonty Worrying considering who you make the tea for squishy! !!:-)
  15. I do indeed, set one has some larger sizes up to 5mm. Make me an offer to include postage and I'll include the 2 odd ball ones for you to play around/destroy :-). I'm assuming you have a lathe and I'm guessing you first experiments with drilling produced an out of round hole? I've not had much success boring them either, the best results I got was by drilling undersized then using a countersink/pilot drill to get the chamfer. Headstock/ tailstock alignment is critical too, anymore than 0.002-03" out and hole will be oval. Holding the piece square to the axis is important the best way I found was to adapt an old front sight tunnel. Not trying to teach you to suck eggs you've probably got far more experience than I have. I'm just trying to relate my experience doing this. I'm sure I read somewhere that there is a formula/rule of thumb to calculate size increase when using an eagle eye. Or am I thinking about sight radius increase??
  16. Bump Open to offers before they go to ebay
  17. Bump Open to offers before it goes to ebay
  18. 44mag

    Slings For Sale

    Bump... Open to offers before they go to ebay
  19. 44mag

    Slings For Sale

    Forgot to mention ... Slings are both right handed.!!
  20. RPA foresight adjustable for elevation. Takes standard 18mm elements or adjustable iris. Threaded on the back end only. Comes with tool to adjust elevation. The dovetail is for the older style Anschutz barrel (it will not fit the 19 series barrel without an adaptor which I don't have) It might fit other makers barrels but as I only have an Anschutz I can't confirm it will As new condition with 2 tiny marks in the dovetail where it's been fitted. £55 to inc Royal Mail signed for delivery. Or make an offer (but make it a good one I'm trying to fund a new jacket and trousers :-) )
  21. 2 sets of 18mm Perspex elements which I think are Anschutz. Set 1 have rose pink tint to them. Set 2 has the same tint but is a lighter shade There are 2 duplicate sizes at bottom of the photo the one on the left is the same shade as set 1 the other the same as set 2 There is also a box included which holds 8 individual elements. All in good condition and scratch free as far as I can see. Looking for £35 for the lot or will sell as sets. Open to offers. Pm me if you have questions.
  22. 44mag

    Slings For Sale

    Kurt Thune ATL Sling excellent condition couple of biro marks otherwise almost as new £65 to include Royal Mail signed for delivery. Andrew Tucker leather sling near mint condition inc claw attachment. £35 inc Royal Mail signed for delivery. Any questions pm me cheers
  23. Pippa Taylor from ten point nine tailoring will be at the imperial meeting
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