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  1. System Gemini ACTIV buttplate, black and silver. This will mount to any stock with a flat carrier plate, securing nuts and bolts are included. I bought this new in 2010 from Edinkillie and used it on a Precise stock until 2015 when I changed my setup. The buttplate has sat unused in the cupboard since then and much as it is a nice thing to have as a spare, I don't need it any more and it can go. This is the most adjustable buttplate on the market, with real pride of ownership if you appreciate quality (UK!) engineering and manufacturing. Condition is excellent, there are only the very slightest of marks on it from use. Fasteners are all clean and un-chewed, I am careful with my stuff. Comes with original box and the supplied allen keys which have never even been out of their baggies. It really is as close to a new one as you will find. I've set up a public Photobucket library as the image sizes are too big to upload here. One shot of my old complete built up rifle for illustration and three shots of the buttplate, box and bits that you will receive. £250 ono (ppg please)
  2. Sorry but you've just been pipped to the mirror by PM. If that sale falls through, I'll be in touch. Livingston is far enough away that the fuel costs between there and here would be not too far from the courier cost, I suspect. Probabaly easier just to send it directly. If you want to go ahead, we can take this to PM and sort out the details.
  3. I'm in central Scotland. I recently sent a box of about the same size and weight as the rife case by parcel force, it cost £13. Where are you?
  4. Scope sold, mirror price lowered.
  5. enbee23

    Rifle Case

    If you're still looking for a case, I have one in the classifieds.
  6. Stock and trigger guard now sold, scope and mirror still available.
  7. Anschutz Precise stock Right handed and fitted with a medium grip, for round Anschutz actions. This is in perfect working order but inevitably does have marks and signs of use. The cheekpiece has been shortened tidily to allow the full travel of the buttplate carrier (this is a common mod). I have the Anschutz box that the stock came in. SOLD Anschutz Precise accessory trigger guard - this one will actually fit your rifle As the standard trigger guard on the Precise stock leaves a great big open gap in front of the trigger, the first thing I bought after the stock was the accessory trigger guard that Anschutz sell, in the hope that it would actually guard the trigger... It didn't fit, too shallow and my trigger fouled it. Turns out that despite the claims of the vendors that this part fits air and .22 rifle in a Precise stock, the box is marked as for air rifles only. Hmmmmm. The solution was Barry Nesom who machined up a deeper spacer than the factory one which enabled me to use the guard on my rifle. The shallow and deep spacers will both come in the box with the trigger guard so you will be ok, whatever is in your Precise. SOLD Centra Stranger Mirror This clever but simple gadget helps you to maintain a consistent head and eye position. For use with non-Centra rear irises only, it fitted perfectly on my Gehmann 565. Mint condition, comes in box with the allen key for the retaining grub screw. SOLD Nikon RA II spotting scope Nice compact angled scope. 60mm lens, 15x - 45x zoom eyepiece, coated optics, rubber coated body, sliding hood with built-in lens cap retainer. Cosmetics are only decent, there are signs of wear around the mount. There is no cover for the eyepiece but as the scope lives in it's carrycase when not in use, it hasn't bothered me. Works as it should and the variable eyepiece means you can set it up neatly at 25, 50 and 100s. SOLD Rifle case Buffalo River ABS series single rifle case. Dimensions are 48" x 9" x 5" so fairly compact and easy to carry, fit in the car and store. 4 locking clasps, key included. It is good quality and in decent used condition. The handle and hinges are sound and the clasps all work cleanly but inevitably there is some light wear to the exterior metal parts and the foam has been slightly chewed by protruding parts of my rifle, please see the pics. I bought it from here so a new one will cost you £83 delivered. £45 plus shipping. Sensible offers welcome, worst I can say is no! I have made a public Photobucket library with pics of all these items as the file sizes are too big to upload on here. Please contact me by PM on here first and we can take things from there, ta.
  8. Or he was last October! Probably sold by now?
  9. A couple of bits in there I would like but buying the job lot and selling off the rest would probably be a step too far.
  10. enbee23

    Final Sell Off

    How is it that I can check on here every day and the one day I don't, stuff I want comes up at a bargain price and sells before I see it?! If the Norbar or Peli sales fall through, I'll have 'em.
  11. What model Anschutz does this fit? Thanks. It will fit an 18 series or 'anything' with a standard Anschutz dove tail block screwed onto the end of the barrel. If your barrel has the dovetail milled into it like the newer ones have then it wont. Thanks. More questions... What type of spirit level is it? And does the tunnel adjust for cant? Any chance of a pic?
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