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    Wanted A Used Scatt Mx-02

    Hi All, I am looking at trying my hand with training on Scatt MX-02 system. Please let me know if anyone of you would like to sell their Scatt MX-02.
  2. aceshooter


    For sale steyr LG110 alu air rifle with gehmann 568MC iris combined 48 colour &polarisation set. May split. £1650
  3. aceshooter


    Final reduction rifle £1000 rear iris £150
  4. aceshooter

    Kurt Thune Atl Sling

    Hi, I have kurt thune ATL sling. How much would you offer if still wanting? The sling is about a year old but is as good as new must have used it 2-3 times. Regards
  5. aceshooter


    Price reduced £1350 rifle and rear iris. rifle in excellent condition!
  6. aceshooter


    Price reduced £1350 rifle and rear iris. rifle in excellent condition!
  7. aceshooter


    any offers...
  8. aceshooter

    Noptel Sport 2000

    SOLD pending collection.
  9. aceshooter

    Noptel Sport 2000

    I have a Noptel Sport 2000 for sale together with an IBM 365Z NotePad, which runs Windows98. The laptop is old but perfectly adequate for the task. The Noptel Sport 2000 model that pre-dates the one currently available and comes with dry firing targets. It has two prisms and yes it is USB connection. £700 Thank you.
  10. aceshooter

    Noptel Sport 2000

    Hi, Ark's query was regarding the prizms. but demonloop asked me to hold it for him till today and I got a confirmation requesting paypal from demonloop first so I think Demonloop gets the first dibbs, Ark sorry, but will let you know if it falls through if you are interested. Regards.
  11. aceshooter

    .22 Rifle

    Hi, Looking to buy a used but good condition .22 rifle for prone and 3p. Preferably aly stocks of anschutz, walther or g&e, combination of barrel, action and stock also acceptable.
  12. thanks a ton sarah, being waiting for these for ages, see you at the comp.


  13. aceshooter

    Cheap Gun Cabinet

    Hi, WTB used gun cabinet at giveaway price to store 2-4 full guns without scope, locking top for ammo would be an advantage. Should be police approved. Anyone needing to clear the garage for space? Thank you.
  14. aceshooter

    Fwb Air Pistol Cylinders

    3 Feinwerkbau air pistol cylinders for sale. New(09) Long red(200 bar) with dust guard. Suitable for following models:- P30, P34 (except short barrel), P40, p55, p56. Price £130 per unit plus P&P if pick up cannot be arranged. aceshooter SOLD!