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  1. Thank you for all your interest - an amusing read The chocolates go to Colin - it will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia...the stock that is, not the chocolates. There are no "real" chocolates, sorry Colin
  2. Seeking expressions of interest for a relatively new but used MEC Mark I stock Machined to fit 20 series and would take 19 series with adaptor In excellent condition - $2,000 AUD plus postage PM for enquiries and further photos
  3. For 2013 action but may take an adaptor for 19 series or older. Black grip and side panels. The cheekpiece and grip have been altered slightly plus an added quick release for the cheekpiece height adjuster for ease of alteration in position.Comes with butt plate carrier and rubber Anschutz butt plate. Very good condition, no stickers, marks and clean. $AUD1,500 ono
  4. Looking for a spare left handed Precise cheekpiece to be shipped to Melbourne Australia. Either PM or email on xjmclaurin@gmail.com
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