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  1. Hi Neil I use a Lee Press and have good results (with 7.62) - they are cheaper than others but fine for starting out. As Rob said a single stage is best for 7.62 target but you may want to consider a turret (or progressive) for pistol rounds - as you tend to have more to load, it's quicker and accuracy is less important. There is lots of advice around so hard to navigate. I would say 1967Spud has a good YouTube introduction to reloading. We have a club member who is selling his complete reloading kit (in .357 and I have some 7.62 dies) . If you are interested I can send details but it might be difficult to post - we are in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire if you are nearby. All the best Tom
  2. Thanks for your replies - I checked the NSRA shop the other day and they weren't much help. My local photographers had one on back order. From Opticron: "Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we discontinued the spottingscope and tripod mount earlier this year and have no plans to re-introduce them." So unless anyone knows a stockist who has one left I will have to make do with a piece of old plastic drainpipe! Tom
  3. I have an old spotting scope without a camera mount. I am looking for an adapter with a camera mount, to attach to a stand, and a ring to slide the scope into. These used to be available from Bedford target supplies but are no lnger avialbale. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or have one of these for sale? Thanks Tom
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