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  1. KennyB

    Anschutz Alloy Stock Pistol Grip Wanted

    Point taken, a RH pistol grip would be preferable. K.
  2. Hi all, as the title says - I am after a pistol grip (small or medium) for an older alloy stock if anyone has one surplus to requirements. Thank you please. K.
  3. KennyB

    Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Hi Dave, if you still have the 3.9 high end, I'll have that - I'll be at Torfaen at lunchtime. Ken.
  4. KennyB

    4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    Andy Lawrence made me an 8mm block so a 14 series foresight could fit onto a 19 series dovetail - sounds like you need the other way around and half the thickness...which cold be a problem. As Huey says, an 8mm raiser at the foresight and a 4mm for the rearsight might be best solution. K.
  5. KennyB

    Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    PM sent Ken.
  6. KennyB

    Bleiker Alu Rifle - Sold

    PM sent.
  7. KennyB

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    Sorry - yes, sold.
  8. KennyB

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    The time has come to pass my faithful SCATT USB system on to someone who will hopefully benefit from it as much as I have. Perfect working order, well cared for and regularly used - the only defect is that the RG11 connectors retaining clips have broken off on the long cable that goes to the target frame. The connectors still stay securely in place and this hasn't caused me any problems - it will also come with a 5m RG11 cable for use at home (£1.59 from eBay). A 15m cable could be obtained for less than £3 if needed. Ideally I'd like to hand it over in person and ensure that there are no issues with the computer that the buyer will be using it with. (I'm in West London but I'm happy to travel a reasonable distance) However, I will post if I must... £600 ono - cheque, bank transfer, paypal or readies. Ken.
  9. KennyB

    Shooting Jacket

    Is that 50 UK size (50" chest) or 50 Euro size (40" chest)? K.
  10. KennyB

    Anschutz 4765 Buttplate

  11. KennyB

    Anschutz 4765 Buttplate

    with carrier for wooden stocks (19,18,14 series) and a bespoke doohickey to allow the hook to be offset to the side £160 inc postage.
  12. KennyB

    Scatt Usb For Sale

  13. KennyB

    Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Chris, you DID put the collar back the right way round didn't you? Open end facing forward.... If not, the firing pin would probably impact it and cause the crack you describe. My #1 rifle had a cracked cover for years and shot without problems. In fact I only got a replacement this year at Bisley. K.
  14. KennyB

    Front Iris - Adjustable.

    That'll be 18mm then. Shame, I have a 22mm Gehmann that I don't currently use... No good to you though. K.
  15. KennyB

    Front Iris - Adjustable.

    18mm or 22mm? K.
  16. KennyB

    Anschutz Match 54 Firing Pin Spring - New!

    Depending on the size of your firing pin, one of these could be what you need : http://www.gunsprings.com/Rifles%20%26%20Shotguns/ANSCHUTZ/54-1400%20SERIES/cID2/mID80/dID13 there's a $25 minimum order but if it's the spring for the .220" diameter pin that you need, I would be up for going halves (or whatever) with you on a 10 pack as I could do with a few myself. Ken.
  17. KennyB

    Gemini Butt Plate For Sale

    PM sent
  18. Although, I recently lent an Anschutz 6805 sight to one of my clubmates to use on his Feinwerkbau as he'd knackered his sights - he said it didn't fit on the rail...!!!? I was surprised. K.
  19. KennyB

    Everything Must Go!

    PM sent K.
  20. KennyB

    Right Sight Wanted

  21. KennyB

    The Eyes Have It Or Did Have

    PM sent.
  22. KennyB

    Wanted: 8Mm Sight Raising Blocks To Fit 1913

    These are worth a look - he will make them just how you want them: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10mm-SIGHT-RAISER-BLOCK-SET-Fit-VARIOUS-TARGET-RIFLES-Anschutz-FWB-Walther-/200949707681?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&hash=item2ec98933a1 I have a few of his products and all have been excellent. Ken.
  23. KennyB

    Kit For Sale

    If you're serious about a palm rest, I have one I'd be willing to part with which looks identical to this: I don't think I'll ever do 3P again with my back... Ken.
  24. KennyB

    No Longer Available.

    Has anyone suggested to you that a small raising block (4mm) might lift the sights far enough off the receiver so that the thumbwheel can do up? You might have enough travel on the sights so you wouldn't need a riser under the foresight either. Just a thought... K.