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  1. Steeler

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Hi Jamie Interested in the sight raiser blocks, what make do they fit? Cheers Mark (p.s. system is declaring that you cannot receive any more pms)
  2. Steeler

    Walther Insight-Out Rearsight

    The top-of-the-range INSIGHT-OUT match rearsight has been milled from solid aluminium and is notable for its slim and compact design. Its special feature: a second lateral setting screw makes the diopter just as easy to set by left-handers as by right-handers. The ball bearing-mounted linear precision bearings permit exact and reproducible correction to the group. ​Suitable for Air or Small-bore. Price: £285.00 (photos provided on request)
  3. Steeler

    3P Stand

    Now sorted thanks to all.
  4. Steeler

    3P Stand

    Thanks Mary, please see my pm.
  5. Steeler

    3P Stand

    Does anyone have a 3P stand they don't need anymore? Returning to air rifle after switching to pistol for a few years so trying to get some bits & pieces together. Thanks
  6. Steeler

    10M Pcp Match Air Pistol

    I have a Morini 162 Mi which has the mechanical trigger on it. It has a "Small" Rink right hand grip on it if you're interested. Regards Mark
  7. 1 x 60 gram regulator weight - single bar, 2 sliding weights, attaches to regulator and extends under cylinder - £30 inc. p&p 1 x 80 gram regulator weight - twin bars, 2 sliding weights, attaches to regulator and extends under cylinder - £30 inc. p&p Good condition, marks only where the adjustable weights have been tightened. Will supply pictures if required.
  8. Large pistol grip for Morini 162 MI (ie. the one with the mechanical trigger). Good condition apart from some gentle cosmetic filing that has occurred around two areas; the thumb rest & the pinky finger. Can send photos if interested. £60.00 + P&P
  9. Detachable rigid footplate inclusion of a pressure gauge includes a particle filter and condensation bleed valve at base DIN standard 5-thread connector 210 cu cms. volume of air per stroke Length: 630 mm Weight: 2.0 kg Pressure: 250 bar maximum £85.00 + P&P (pictures available on request)