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  1. I believe that it is on F/Book.
  2. Try Martin Putt martinputt@hotmail.com as he has one for sale.
  3. SCATT Pro is the recommended software version for the SCATT USB and works very well with my SCATT USB. The SCATT Expert software was originally intended for use with the MX-W2, however I believe that it is now possible to use that software with the SCATT MX-02 unit.
  4. Contact Iqbal Ubhi for your official Morini spares.
  5. Hi Mike, I will come back to you once I have sourced their replacements.
  6. Hi Mike, As our Dicals are 30+ years old and starting to become unreliable, hence the reason for wanting to replace them, I think that they will not have much life left in them or value.
  7. Afternoon Ian, thank you for your reply. I have sent two emails to Martin Highton, but up to yet have not received a reply.
  8. We are looking to replace some of our aged Dical 10 metre target changers and ideally would like to obtain some Haring EL3 complete units. They appear to be a bit like rocking horse poo and the new German owner of Haring has advised that they are currently redesigning the EL3 with a potential release date of sometime in 2020. Does anyone know of any good quality second hand ones please?
  9. Feinwerkbau C25 CO2 pistol with right hand grip in good condition for its age and is complete with spare cylinder, cylinder spanner, venting tool, original instruction manual, test card and aluminium case. The brass cylinder adapter is missing. The cylinders are date stamped 1/92. This pistol has not been fired for a few years and may need checking over before use. This pistol would suit a Feinwerkbau collector or pistol enthusiast with CO2 filling facilities. The cost of this collectable pistol is £130.00 and is available for viewing and face to face transaction from Bedford or
  10. Brand new Andrew Tucker canvas right handed shooting jacket with heavy duty 2 way nylon zip in first class condition. This jacket has not been worn apart from trying on. It would not be ISSF compliant due to the zip. It would suit a club shooter or someone just starting who is not interested in major competitions at this moment in time. The dimensions are approximatley as follows: Chest 36-38" Waist 36" Length of sleeve 20" Length from nape to hem 29". As always with shooting jackets, it is always best to try it on before committing to buy. The cost
  11. Morning Jim, I would agree with Rutty that possibly the FAS604 or the replacement FAS6004 might be suitable, as it is relatively light albeit needing some effort to cock it. These could be at the relatively economical end of the price scale if you can find one. As an alternative pistol that can be grown into, the Hammerli AP20 might be worth looking at. This pistol has a relatively small grip, looks modern and will outshoot your daughter for many years. This is a PCP air pistol which would need the cylinders refilling from a dive cylinder. Unfortunately being a newer style of pistol,
  12. This pistol is now sold. Thank you for viewing.
  13. These trousers have now been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  14. These boots have now been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  15. This jacket has now been sold. Thank you for viewing.
  16. This Walther CP201 CO2 competition air pistol, serial no. 01470, is in good used condition complete with a medium sized adjustable Walther original right hand walnut grip and a medium sized adjustable Walther original left hand walnut grip. (This was originally called an 'Air Pistol' but uses CO2, liquid carbon dioxide as the propellant). This pistol comes with two CO2 cylinders which are date stamped February 1997 and they do not appear to have any external physical damage, the original factory test certificate and owners booklet, the cylinder venting tool and the original 'blue ribbed'
  17. Evening Tim, yes you are right, just checked it, good for 32"-34". Definitely too small for a 36" chest.
  18. Corami style 4069 shooting boots size 43. These boots are in good condition with little signs of wear, but do not comply with the latest ISSF regulations. An experienced shoe repairer would be able to re-profile the soles to follow the contours of the boots quite easily and probably at no great expense. These boots are available for collection only from Bedford and the cost is £20.00. Please feel free to ask any questions about these boots.
  19. Kurt Thune canvas shooting trousers in very good condition. Please see the attached photos for dimensions etc. The shooter was approximately 5ft 6ins (168cm) in height. Inside leg measurement is approximately 27ins (69cms). Due to their individualised size, these trousers are available for collection only from Bedford and the cost is £40.00. You will need to try these trousers on to ensure that they fit you correctly. Please feel free to ask questions about these trousers.
  20. Kurt Thune canvas and suede leather jacket. This was tailor made and the approximate dimensions are shown in the pictures. The shooter was approxiamtely 5ft 6ins (168cm) in height. The jacket has had some wear, but is in very good condition. The elbow pads and butt pads show very little signs of wear. As can be seen from the label, it is a 3 position jacket so would be suitable for all disciplines. Due to its individualised size, this jacket is available for collection only from Bedford and the cost is £60.00. You will need to try this jacket on to ensure that it fits
  21. A well looked after Genuine UK Import Steyr LP10E air pistol with a large right hand Rink grip with 7degree offset. This pistol is in first class condition and is complete with two air cylinders dated Nov 2012, the Steyr manual, adjusting tools and case all as shown in the photos. This pistol can viewed and possibly tried if you are in the Bedford area and will require a face to face transaction. The price for this lovingly cared for pistol is £925.00 or very near offer.
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    Neil, As I only use a window PC to access the forum, how do I go about creating the 2FA information please?
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