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    Rimfire, air pistol, longarm .22 pistol and coaching.

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  1. John Marchant

    Forum Security

    Neil, As I only use a window PC to access the forum, how do I go about creating the 2FA information please?
  2. John Marchant

    Upgrading The Forum

    Wow what a difference. A really clear appearance, many thanks.
  3. John Marchant

    Upgrading The Forum

    Yes there are other forms of media out there, but being a bit of a luddite, the discussions that abound on this forum are more worthwhile and informative. The answers and comments given are usually well thought out and helpful and whilst some may think we ought to move with the times and integrate with other forms of media, unless it becomes the only way for the forum to continue then leave it alone, it's great as it is.
  4. John Marchant

    Anschutz 1417

    What is the overall weight of the rifle and scope set-up please, if possible without the bipod?
  5. John Marchant

    Additional 500Gram Weight

    I am looking for an additional 500gram weight to fit on my standard 500gram Gehmann pistol trigger weight, as I need to check a rapid fire pistol trigger that has to be set to 1000grams. I made a temporary weight from odds and ends, but it would look much better if it were the right thing.
  6. John Marchant

    Sporter Rifles (Scout Precision Target Type)

    Dependent on the size of the person either the Air Arms S200T or the Air Arms S400MPR(T) would be an ideal starter rifle for this discipline. Quite a lot of the Scouts use the S400.
  7. John Marchant

    Some Bits To Clear

    PM sent.
  8. John Marchant

    Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    I seem to recall that there used to be a 'bent wire' bipod that fitted into the handstop on some of these rifles. Presumably the thread will be something like BSF, but knowing BSA it could just as easily have been a 'bicycle' thread or anything else. Sorry not much help.
  9. John Marchant

    Prone Rifle Slings And Elbow Pads

    Thanks for looking. Now all sold.
  10. John Marchant

    Prone Rifle Slings And Elbow Pads

    Pete you have another pm.
  11. John Marchant

    Prone Rifle Slings And Elbow Pads

    Pete you have a pm.
  12. John Marchant

    Prone Rifle Slings And Elbow Pads

    Just having a bit of a tidy up and a sort out at the range. There are five pairs of the strap on elbow pads available, all of different colours, makes and sizes. Below are a selection of photos. Also there are six leather slings available, for right handed shooters. The slings are 37mm wide and would all be suitable for a club with beginners etc. There are no attaching hooks as we have kept them for future use. These slings are all serviceable items but not of the latest specification.Below are a selection of photos. All of these items are available as a one off job lot and are therefore priced at a total of £20.00, buyer to collect or postage would need to be calculated. Regards John
  13. John Marchant

    Scatt Usb For Sale

    PM sent. I am very interested.
  14. I am looking for a Morini CM84E UK specification, right handed free pistol, with a medium size grip.
  15. John Marchant

    Morini Cm84E Long-Arm Pistol

    You have a pm.