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    Neilj62 got a reaction from sdixon1 in 1813 Barrel & Action   
    Hi Scott,
    Ok, that’s great, I will check with my RFD and PM you the details?
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    Anyone in the market for an Anschutz 1813 Barrel & Action? 
    Having upgraded to a Grunig I have 2 Anschutz 1813 barrels that I would be happy to part with. Each has shot around 50,000 rounds, and are in excellent condition, having been cleaned every time I shot them. Each one returned groups circa 17mm last time I batch tested at Eley, and both have a Nesom Tube adaptor fitted.
    One has a single stage Kelly triggers fitted (which is very rare these days) which was made specifically for me by John Kelly many years ago, it is superbly made, and has 3 simple adjustments - Sear engagement, Weight, and Over travel; and I do have a copy of the original instructions as well. The other has a standard Anschutz trigger fitted.
    I have other pictures if required, but I only seem to be able to upload this one? So if you’re interested then please PM me and I will send the other photos.
    Obviously collection in person, or transfer via an RFD is needed.
    I am looking for £400 for each, but would be open to discuss sensible offers?

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    I use one of those Greenkat/Opticron angled eyepiece scopes, with a 22x eyepiece in it. It's almost 20 years old now, and as I haven't abused it it's still clear at 100 yards to the point where I can call "just out" in most light conditions...
    They're still comparably cheap, so for £600 I would expect you to be able to get something like this.
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    Neilj62 got a reaction from macdonaldal in Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe   
    I am after some advice from anyone who has experience of buying a rifle in Mainland Europe and 'importing' it into the UK.
    I am in the market for a new barrel and action, and seriously considering going out to the maker in Europe, purchasing it direct, and then bringing it home with me (I have 'authority to purchase' on my FAC) but have no idea of what hoops I would have to jump through when I get back to the UK. I am quite au-fait with the process for taking a rifle out of the UK and then returning with it, but I assume that travelling out with no rifle and returning with one will pose a different set of issues?
    So if anyone has done this any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated