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    Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Hi Richard, I do have an 1813 with a Boarder barrel which has only shot about 7,500 rounds, and am looking for £1200 as it comes complete with sights, handstop and bipod - PM me if you’re interested. I did post some pictures of it a while ago on the For Sale section if you want to trawl back and find it though cheers Neil.
  2. Neilj62

    RH - 1813 with Border barrel

    After much thought I am looking to sell my Anschutz 1813. It has an almost brand new Border Barrel (fitted by Geoff Kolbe) which has fired about 7,000 rounds only. The stock is a standard 1813 thumbhole stock (see photo) - right hand - with the adjustable cheek-piece, 2 piece hook plate, and the “hand-shelf” for the trigger hand. (I have other photos that I can’t upload due to the size limit, so if you want to see more let me have an email address and I will send them on) Reason behind the sale - upgraded to a Grunig R3, so this is now surplus to requirements. The Kelly tube sight, and turn-over foresight are included in the price, as is the bi-pod, but I am willing to split if necessary, Given the ‘newness’ of the barrel and the condition of the stock I am looking for offers in the region of £1200; but happy to discuss anything sensible; and would take £100 less for the rifle without the sights. Delivery is likely to cost in the region of £50 as it has to be RFD to RFD transfer, unless of course its collection in person.
  3. Neilj62

    Leather shooting jacket

    Will fit a 48” chest, (Also posed in the FaceBay Bisley FB group with more pictures) Leather with canvass lining, as per the pictures, made by Pippa Taylor for me about 2 years ago, in the style of the Tucker Arizona jacket, fully ISSF legal, with top-grip on the elbows. Looking for £400 as it has only been used for a season or so, and is In A+ condition, Delivery costs are likely to be in the region of £20 as it weighs in at around 2.5Kg, and I would send it ‘signed for’ given the value Happy to discuss sensible offers?
  4. Neilj62

    Wanted: Anschutz wooden stock

    Well I do have an ancient 1413 thumb hole stock that I would be willing to part with (it’s a 1960s one) which Dad bought new and performed very well for him when he was shooting, but it has been repaired across the top of the thumb hole, although he won his Commonwealth Silver with the repair in place? I will take some photos and PM them to you later this evening. The good news is that it comes with an adjustable but plate, and I have both the hook and “prone” but plates for it. I’m not back home till later this evening so I’ll do the pictures then? Neil.
  5. Neilj62

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Hi Scott, Apologies for the delay in responding, but my local RFD has only just confirmed the details for me! So it looks like shipping costs are £50 I’m afraid! Apparently the way it works is that I transfer it to my local RFD, who ships it to your local RFD, who then transfers it from his dealers ticket onto your FAC. Seems a very long winded approach, but it looks like we’re stuck with it!! Unless of course we both happen to be at the same shoot at some point, where we can do the transfer face to face. Any news on your variation as yet? Cheers Neil.
  6. Neilj62

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Anyone in the market for an Anschutz 1813 Barrel & Action? Having upgraded to a Grunig I have 2 Anschutz 1813 barrels that I would be happy to part with. Each has shot around 50,000 rounds, and are in excellent condition, having been cleaned every time I shot them. Each one returned groups circa 17mm last time I batch tested at Eley, and both have a Nesom Tube adaptor fitted. One has a single stage Kelly triggers fitted (which is very rare these days) which was made specifically for me by John Kelly many years ago, it is superbly made, and has 3 simple adjustments - Sear engagement, Weight, and Over travel; and I do have a copy of the original instructions as well. The other has a standard Anschutz trigger fitted. I have other pictures if required, but I only seem to be able to upload this one? So if you’re interested then please PM me and I will send the other photos. Obviously collection in person, or transfer via an RFD is needed. I am looking for £400 for each, but would be open to discuss sensible offers?
  7. Neilj62

    Air Arms S200 - Now Sold

    Anyone interested in an Airarms S200 .177 air rifle? This has shot less than 1,000 pellets, and is in superb condition (See photos) I also have the 300 Bar tank for refilling the cylinder. I would like £350 for the two, but would consider splitting for the right offer, and I would suggest that it really needs to be a "buyer collects" arrangement, especially for the tank as it is really heavy!!
  8. Neilj62

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Hi Scott, Ok, that’s great, I will check with my RFD and PM you the details? Cheers Neil.
  9. Neilj62

    Anschutz Supermatch Stock And Hook For Sale

    Agreed, would like to see some pictures please
  10. Neilj62

    Kelly Trigger

    I've sent you a PM Tim Neil.
  11. Neilj62

    Spotting Scope

    I am after some advice or ideas on spotting scopes. I am currently using an old Kowa 20x and was wondering what other shooters would recommend in the £600 ish price bracket, and would you suggest zoom or fixed focus? Thanks in anticipation ?
  12. Neilj62

    M22 And/or 1" Elements

    Does anyone know of someone who can make plastic foresight elements to order? I am trying to source some 1" and probably 22mm ones as well with very fine ring thickness I did have a supplier a while ago but he seems to have gone off Radar of late. I understand that there are some challenges in making them due to the plastic distorting when the hole is cut in the centre. But surely I can't be the only person in the shooting world who wants an element with a thin ring (can I?) The ones I am using at the moment are old imperial sizes and have a 20Thou ring on them (which is about 0.5mm I believe) Maybe there is someone out there who can help, as I am loathed to buy a whole load of High Ends at about £20 each until I have established exactly what size I want (and looking at the Centra catalogue the thinnest ring the make is 1mm - or about 40Thou in my language) Any ideas great fully accepted ?
  13. Neilj62

    Gehmann 560 Superfilter Aos Microsight

    Just a word of warning on the Gehmann 560, I actually bought one a while ago to try, as the marketing literature looked really good; however, I tried it several times and found that all it did for me was give me a milky sight picture. I asked a couple of others to try it out as well, and they said the same! So I plumped for a diopter, I'm using the Centra Combi-optik, which is certainly not cheap, but certainly helped me - of course it's not ISSF compliant, but is fine for all other competitions. The beauty of it (for me) is that you can balance the focus of the foresight and the aiming mark. The optimum is of course to have the foresight clear and sharp, and if that means the aiming Mark is a little fuzzy then so be it; however, I have found that it is possible to set the focus such that you get a sharp foresight, and a clear target. Now of course this is all dependent on your eye condition - I am slightly long sighted (I.e. I need glasses for reading but not for distance) so I have no idea how this would be for someone who is short sighted (although logic suggests that this would simply mean adjusting the diopter differently? But I'm sure someone else will be able to comment on that point). I do have a spare Centra Combi-Optic that i would be happy to sell, and if you wanted to try before you buy I'm sure we could come to some arrangement? If you are interested then please PM me Neil PS I have already sold my 560 so can't help you there I'm afraid!
  14. Neilj62

    Kelley Rear Sight

    The main advantage of a tube sight is that it reduces the amount of 'white' between the fore and rear sight. As you can see from the attached photos it is in near perfect condition, and the clicks are sharp and accurate. The micrometer style scale on windage and elevation enable precise setting for different distances. The turret can easily be turned round for a LH shooter - it's a simple job of removing a small screw underneath turning the turret round and replacing the screw - takes no more than 5 minutes to do. So works for both Right or Left handed shooter. Gives a great sight picture, and the compact size enable plenty of eye-relief without interfering with the breach. Looking for £120 Happy to post to anywhere in the UK.
  15. Neilj62

    4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    In terms of if a 4mm block is viable - the new Centra Spy rear sight comes with a 4mm fore-sight raiser as standard to compensate for the difference in height between the Centra Spy and a standard foresight. The Centra one coes with 4 'grub' screws that screw straight down onto your foresight block and it works perfectly
  16. Neilj62

    Twiddly Things For Freeland And Tucker Scope Stands

    Hi Al, PM sent
  17. Neilj62

    Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe

    I am after some advice from anyone who has experience of buying a rifle in Mainland Europe and 'importing' it into the UK. I am in the market for a new barrel and action, and seriously considering going out to the maker in Europe, purchasing it direct, and then bringing it home with me (I have 'authority to purchase' on my FAC) but have no idea of what hoops I would have to jump through when I get back to the UK. I am quite au-fait with the process for taking a rifle out of the UK and then returning with it, but I assume that travelling out with no rifle and returning with one will pose a different set of issues? So if anyone has done this any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks?
  18. Can you send a pic of the Champion Olympic frames please Thanks
  19. Neilj62

    Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe

    Lol and I guess if it did blow up they don't bother to stamp it
  20. Neilj62

    Advice On Buying A Rifle In Europe

    An interesting point Tim, which as Mac says is daft! I assume that it would be foolish (if not illegal) to use it in the UK if it hasn't been proofed though? This is turning into a very interesting exchange I'd have to say
  21. Neilj62

    1813 Cheek Piece

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of a wooden cheek piece for an 1813 stock at all? Ideally the "fold up" one from the later version of the stock. Thanks
  22. Neilj62

    1813 Cheek Piece

    Ok, No worries, thanks for checking
  23. Neilj62

    5 Spot 10M Nsra Targets In Beige Wanted

    Purely for practice I scanned a card, then printed a number off on some 100g paper that I had kicking around, which seemed to work ok
  24. Neilj62

    1813 Cheek Piece

    Hi Tim, Yes you are absolutely right the "fold up" one was on the 1913 stock, and what I've got is definitely an 1813 so if you do have one then we should talk turkey☺️ Thanks Neil.
  25. Neilj62

    Centra Action Stabiliser

    The Centra Action stabiliser is 8mm high, and fits over the breach enabling rear-sight to by moved forward without fouling the breach. Does require an 8mm block for the front sight (which I don't have) Currently for sale at Edinkillie for £140 so grab a yourself a bargain at £100 including postage.