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  1. slider

    .308 / 7.62 TR

    Still looking .....! Thanks!
  2. slider

    .308 / 7.62 TR

    Anyone have anything of quality gathering dust? Looking for Paramount, RPA, CG, Barnard etc. Thanks.
  3. slider

    Spotting Scope Stand

    I have a tatty opticron for ~35 and an almost new freeland bipod for ~135. Drop me a PM if either is of interest.
  4. slider

    Spotting Scope

    Hi, I'll take this if it is still available. PM me your e-mail address and I'll paypal / bank transfer funds. Thanks,
  5. slider

    Anschutz Torque -Sold-

    HPS-TR mail ordered me a long reach 5mm for my torque wrench directly from Anschutz. Very helpful they were too.
  6. slider

    Left Handed Anschutz

    Been there done that. Nothing to our requirements sadly.
  7. slider

    Left Handed Anschutz

    Another request for a leftie Anschutz! Please do let me know what you've got. Preferably looking for something lightweightish. Thanks!
  8. slider

    Centra Long Range Rearsight

    SOLD For sale used Centra rearsight. Lovely unit but I don't need three rearsights! This is the one with ball bearings and stainless steel slides. 1/4 minute movement on an anschutz/ RPA/ AI type dovetail. Used condition with some marks to the blacking here & there. Condition wise I'd give it an 8/10 for cosmetics. Functionality 100% as you'd expect. Designed with a million grubscrews for minor adjustments! I believe these are £330 retail so how about £180? Super rare to come up secondhand.
  9. slider

    Greenkat Lens Protectors/covers

    Wasn't that stand off eBay last week was it?! £130+postage..... they're holding their value well then aren't they!
  10. slider

    Anschutz Plastic Butt Plate

    Thats great thank you for looking. But I'm afraid I'm sorted now for the items needed. Should have closed this request down really! Thanks again.
  11. slider

    Anschutz Plastic Butt Plate

    Thanks for your reply. I'm actually in need of the whole unit - mine is literally just the stock and two screws at present. I could buy an aftermarket piece but seeing as there already machine screw inserts in the stock I'd prefer to keep it OEM. Thanks...
  12. slider

    Anschutz Plastic Butt Plate

    Hi - I'm after a few bits to get my Match 54 back up & running. I'm looking primarily for a standard butt plate of the plastic variety similar to the one shown below... Quite possibly also after: an Anschutz rear sight unit an anschutz handstop with sling hoop Please do let me know what you have.
  13. Hi, Have a 1411 stock for a heavyweight supermatch barrel / action. Drop me a PM if interested. Have now built a new stock for it so surplus to requirements. All parts in picture still attached. Cheers.
  14. slider

    Anschutz Match Type Rifle

    Looking for something simple but reliable. Something along the lines of a Match 54 1411. Condition / presence of stock is unimportant as I plan to make one myself. Needs to shoot straight, free of faults, rust free and complete ie with sights. Budget is needless to say dependant on what is out there but I shalln't be spending over £400 - preferrably just a couple of hundred. Please PM me what you have - pics would be good. Thanks. (on South coast)
  15. slider

    Folding Bipod Wanted

    Me too. Have been hunting for a few months now! Sadly eBay is full of harris type bipods.... why can't some of these Eastern knock off companies start making up TR type bipods instead as I can't bring myself to spend >£80 on an HPS type!