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  1. I would be interested in your scope and stand. Is it still for sale? Regards
  2. Hi Ian, I read your e-mail rather late in the day so you are probably sorted by now. I have a couple of NSRA mastershot badges in my loft, date unknown, but they are cloth (or some sort of fabric anyway). These are air pistol badges, you didn't say what sort you were after. Let me know if you are interested. John.
  3. Hi Mark, Is this grip still for sale? What do you mean by does not come with bolt? Would I need to buy something else or is the current fitting on my LP10 enough? Regards, John
  4. Hi Demonloop, I could be interested in this although I was considering a vario swing at the same price new. Can you tell me how I could change the base to fit my FWB, whether it has level bars, and what colour it is. Regards, Lord Gnome
  5. I would be interested in this item. Can you PM me to arrange purchase if it is not sold. Regards
  6. Hello Macdonald, Is this still for sale? It looks like an older model as I can't see any graduations on the diopter. If so can the diopter be removed to meet ISSF requirements as and when required. You can do that with the current model using an adaptor sold seperately. Regards.
  7. Hi Chris, I sent you a PM. How can I contact you? Regards, John Kruger
  8. Wanted well loved Anschutz 1813 or 1913 prone rifle (heavy barrel). Might consider equivalent Feinwerkbau. Condition is more important than age. Must be complete and ready to shoot as the price of replacing parts is crazy. If you are selling any bits and pieces with it such as a case, spare elements etc. that would be good.
  9. Hi Chris, I am currently looking for a replacement target rifle and have been looking at Anschutz models as in my last club that's all anyone shot. I know little about the Feinwerkbau. I presume we are talking about an alloy stock here although I think they might make wooden stocks as well. If it's still for sale I could be interested but I would never buy a rifle unseen. Will be in the London area next week and could arrange to call. regards, John
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