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  1. Environs

    Centra Vibrake

    See the first picture I posted. To me it looks like it flares up on both sides on top, so I assumed it was open both sides on the bottom?
  2. Environs

    Centra Vibrake

    Not quite what I was hoping for but should do the job. Its not the longer extender version, also is closed off on one side so can't be flipped around, but still a great replacement for homemade steel one I have.
  3. Environs

    Centra Vibrake

    For me its not so much about stiffening the action, as Im getting into benchrest shooting and want flexability to position scope rings as far forward as possible and if necessary directly over loading port. Looks like I have an offer for one from the States, from member off TargetTalk forum. Thanks Glen
  4. Environs

    Centra Vibrake

    Hi After 2nd hand Centra-MEC Vibrake, for Anschutz dovetail, preferably the longer version, but Std ok. Seller needs to be open to posting to New Zealand at buyers expense. Thanks Glen