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Thanks for paying me a visit. I took up shooting pretty late in life in 1990 and fairly quickly became the club Treasurer at Watts Blake Bearne Rifle Club which has been renamed to Teign Valley Rifles after the company got taken over and kicked us out as too much of a risk for their health and safety and insurance guys. I shoot prone rifle at this club which has an indoor range which we share with Exeter Rifle Club and it has 5 points for 25 yard shooting.


Outdoors I shoot at Budleigh Farm TSC and enjoy 50m, 100 yards and any sights and am an avid annual attender at the Bisley Rifle Meeting. I have also shot the Scottish Rifle meeting twice, once at Fort William and once at Caithness. Given more opportunity I would go more often.


I took up air pistol more recently which I shoot at Fonthill in Exeter and added a Pardini free pistol in 2007.


I have also been County Secretary for Devon for some years now and as a County we organise 4 big outdoor shoots per annum. Devon Rifle Championships are always the first weekend in June at Budleigh Farm. Devon Pistol/LSR Championships are always the second weekend in June. Following the same format the South West Championships, organised by Devon, are also held at Budleigh Farm with the first weekend for rifle and the second weekend for pistol/LSR.


Come and enter!