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  1. Jamiehodgson

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Yes, that's what I thought - the SU has no idea of resale value so perhaps it would be nice to pass them on to other struggling uni clubs for a token fee Thats just the kind of thinking Iv been employing
  2. Jamiehodgson

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Sadly the Sports Union are pretty ruthless...Any money taken from selling of kit gets sucked up and put into other sports. I would have happily donated or loaned out rifles to other clubs and unis as it would make no difference to me One good thing is that we sell at our discretion, meaning that we can sell them cheap and give the buyers great deals.
  3. Jamiehodgson

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    wow inspiring words there... haha thanks
  4. Jamiehodgson

    Lots Of Club Rifles!

    Thanks Bruce, The club is Heriot Watt and the reason is due the lack of members and not being able to recruit and maintain a committee and University changes mean that money is an issue aswell. Sad times I will be in talks will the other chaps and will have a full list posted of rifles, jackets etc which would be for sale. I'll be at bisley too if anyone wants to talk...Ill be the one holding the Earl Roberts at the end of the week! Cheers again
  5. Jamiehodgson

    Stand Wanted

    Cheers will keep looking
  6. Jamiehodgson

    Kit For Sale

    I got a reply... So can't be that inactive.
  7. Jamiehodgson

    Kit For Sale

    PM Sent
  8. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz Super-Match Mod. 1913 For Sale

    Hi, Iv sent you a PM
  9. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 1807-U45 Stock Fitted With Mec Contact 111 Buttplate

    Hi narrowboat was wondering if you could send me a few pictures? Cheers
  10. Jamiehodgson

    Gold Gemini Butt Plate For Sale

    what price you looking for coxy?
  11. Jamiehodgson

    Feinwerbau 2700 In Silver For Sale-Now Sold-

    Do you have any photos? Jamie
  12. Jamiehodgson

    Stuff For Sale

    -Blieker Truttman wire sling Photos will be emailed on request. reasonable offers only please... - MEC Stop II 'An adjustable handstop, designed to give minimal pressure on the hand. The depth of the central axis can be adjusted for differing hand sizes - a sideways offset of the axis reduces transmission of pulse beats to the rifle. The large fixing screw permits easy fastening of the handstop in position using one hand, and there are two fixing points for the sling attachment.' Used but in perfect condition :- £70 ono
  13. Jamiehodgson

    Stuff For Sale

    The MEC Handstop is now sold
  14. Jamiehodgson

    Sling For Sale

    Blieker Truttman wire sling Photos will be emailed on request. reasonable offers only please.. Jamie
  15. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz Stock - Revised Version

    cheers mate.
  16. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz Stock - Revised Version

    would it fit a 1913 barrel? I think id be interested.
  17. Jamiehodgson

    Rifles And Bits For Sale

    Hi there, Was wondering if the sling and mec hand stop were still available Very interested Jamie
  18. Jamiehodgson

    Square Action Barrel

    Looking for a Square actioned barrel, newish preferred. Im buying a new stock and dont want to lose faith in it and swap back to my old stock so the square actioned barrel would help me. Anyone know a guy who knows a guy? Jamie
  19. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 2213 Alu Stock

    Is the Stock still for sale?
  20. Jamiehodgson

    Heavy Left-handed Rifle

    At Heriot Watt this year, we have been "overrun" by left handers and have been unable to provide rifles to suit everyone, so was wondering if anyone has a reasonably heavy left handed rifle for sale? Any information would be appreciated. Jamie