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    Black Peli 1560 Case

    I have put my peli case up for sale on Ebay, but if anyone here would like it for £200 ono, please send me a message on here or email jamiehodgson1@gmail.com The case is like new, and was only used a couple of times. I have bought and replaced the foam, so it is like new. Any questions, let me know :) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163149438844
  2. Jamiehodgson

    Peli case 1560

    Bought last year, minor superficial marks, zero dents or bashes. Comes with brand new foam inserts. Pictures will be uploaded later this weekend. £130 plus postage or free pick up (based on Glasgow, and willing to travel around central and southern Scotland)
  3. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 2013/690 In 2313 Stock

    NOW SOLD Looking to sell rifle as no longer very active in the sport. Had and shot for around 7 years. Looking for around £1,150, but open to offers. Sold as you see it. Based in Glasgow, so willing to drive (a reasonable distance) to meet in person. I will also be available to meet at The Scottish if convenient. Any questions or offers, let me know
  4. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 2013/690 In 2313 Stock

  5. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 2013/690 In 2313 Stock

    Bump! Still up for grabs!
  6. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    Updated pricing on items still for sale...Please message me with other offers. https://shooting-equ....myshopify.com/ Any questions, let me know Jamie
  7. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    Having tried and failed to sell some equipment before, I have set up a very basic website that will allow people to securely and easily purchase my secondhand kit. I still have a lot of additional kit to put up there including, some shooting trousers, under garments, a rifle, accessories, and cases - however I wanted to get the ball rolling and iron out any kinks. Please see the link below: https://shooting-equipment.myshopify.com/ Thanks for looking Jamie
  8. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    Just to let you all know that from tomorrow, throughout the weekend, every order over £25 will be reduced by 25% if you add the discount code NOTSOBLACKFRIDAY I Bloody love this online shop malarky to see unwanted kit!! Any problems, let me know Jamie
  9. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    My proof reader ladies and gentlemen! Thanks Huey!
  10. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    I have not updated the site to include a Peli case, and some clothing (shooting trousers and under garments)
  11. Jamiehodgson

    Secondhand Shooting Equipment

    Inbox cleared...
  12. Jamiehodgson

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Hi all, A few extra bits and bobs for sale, still to take pictures of the kit, so have added links to relevant Edinkillie pages for initial reference: - Centra Spy Rearsight (silver, 18 months old) - £250 - Click here TEC-HRO System 2.0 sight raisers (black, comes with inserts) - £50 - Click here and here Kurt Thune Coldwinner Top - (black, Medium, rarely used) - £65 - Click here System Gemini Free Butt Plate (Blue-grey, used) - £135 - Click here Get in touch! Jamie
  13. Jamiehodgson

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Apologises to all those who have sent messages - I havent had any notifications so I missed them all. I will work through them now and will follow up with each of you. Sorry again Jamie
  14. Jamiehodgson

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Rear sight gone, and I have some interest in the cold winner top - Please get in touch regarding the other products. Jamie
  15. Jamiehodgson

    Walther Lg400 Alutec Expert Air Rifle

    Fantastic airgun for sale, hardly used, in great condition. Picture below from Edinkillie website, can upload images later on. £2,100 however offers welcome Reduced £1,750
  16. Jamiehodgson

    Anschutz 7002 And Track Sight Now Sold

    Is that the cantable rearsight?
  17. Jamiehodgson

    Feinwerkbau Post Inserts Wanted 3.4Mm And 2.0Mm

    I have Rajmond Debevec's email address if that helps
  18. Jamiehodgson

    Walther Lg400 Alutec Expert Air Rifle

    new price
  19. Jamiehodgson

    Price Estimate For Gun Please

    Tim S... The gun is not on this forum so doesn't apply, the guy is just looking for some help
  20. Jamiehodgson

    Everything Must Go!

    PM sent
  21. Jamiehodgson

    Air Rifle Stand

    I have a rifle stand for sale, perfect for any air rifle or three positions shooter. The stand has been modified to have a deeper thread to ensure a solid platform. I am looking for in the region of £75 excluding postage and will post pictures this evening. PM me for further details Thanks Jamie
  22. Jamiehodgson

    Red And Black 2213 Anschutz Stock

    NOW SOLD...
  23. Jamiehodgson

    Red And Black 2213 Anschutz Stock

    I have a red and black 2213 Anschutz Stock in need of a good home. It is a spare stock which is no longer required, and weddings are expensive! I will upload pictures tonight when I am home from work. £550ono Cheers
  24. Jamiehodgson

    Red And Black 2213 Anschutz Stock

    Apologises all... Just deleted some stuff there so PM away
  25. Jamiehodgson

    Custom-Fit Anschtuz Evomix Jacket

    Andrew Ross from Edinkille measured me for my Evotop Trousers and Jacket, and they are a perfect fit. I can highly recommend you order it through these guys!