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  1. SandyGBR

    Wanted - Junior Target Rifle For Club...

    Thanks all for the replies. We're still looking, should something suitable turn up. I've seen the HPS stuff but £ouch£. We've got plenty of Martini's at the club but they are still on the large size. A 30/40 year old Anschutz would be perfect, just starting to wear in!
  2. HI All, Our younger smallbore members struggle with our full size target rifles. We don't want our smaller statured D of E shooters to throw the towel in before they've started, We would be interested in buying something suitable for smaller shooters, if anyone knew of anything available. I see Anschutz made a junior target rifle but don't anymore, but something like that would be perfect... I look forward to a deluge of replies, or hopefully one or two. Cheers Sandy.
  3. If you'll take £22 posted I'll take it. I had one of these and it was great, until I found it in pieces in the dog bed. I replaced it with an Anschutz glove which I don't like at all. In fact I'l probably sell it if I have yours. But of course if anybody wants to buy it - it's fantastic.
  4. SandyGBR

    Kurt Thune R/h Jacket & Glove, Size 56

    Thanks for the info. How can you tell ? Just experience/seen one before or something else ? Original owner is sadly no longer around to advise.
  5. For Sale, Used Kurt Thune size 56 jacket and size L glove for right handed shooter. I would describe this jacket as XL I think. Previous owner was a big chap. I don't know the model of the jacket, there is a slight fraying at the back of the collar due to wear but otherwise is in reasonable condition, it's a heavy jacket and I imagine it was expensive when new. Comes with the spare button and button tool. Pictures are here Kurt Thune sizing chart is on Edinkillie site Price, £60 for both O.N.O and you pay the postage too. Appreciate fit is all important with these, if you find it's not suitable, I'll refund you the £60 when you send it back, so basically it'll cost you postage to yours and back if you try it and it doesn't fit. Thanks.
  6. SandyGBR

    Morini Cm 84E

    This is now most likely sold subject to arrangements. Thanks.
  7. SandyGBR

    Morini Cm 84E

    Hello All, Due to the recent passing of a club member, his Morini CM 84E pistol is for sale. It is lightly used and in immaculate condition. See here for pictures. Grip size I think is large. It's currently being held at an RFD on the Wirral and comes with a case. Price wise, £595 seems to be reasonable unless someone advises otherwise. Thanks.
  8. SandyGBR

    Wanted - Bsa Mk Iii Rear Sight

    Wanted - A BSA Martini Mk III rear sight - PH25B.. Thanks.