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  1. Nell

    Gear Wanted

    Hi , we are looking for gear for two air rifle new starts. One lady size 12 and 5'9" Lady 2, size 14 top, size 10 bottom, and 5'4" looking for jacket, trousers, belts , gloves ooh and boots boots sz 7 and sz 5 If you are planning buying new kit this is a great way to put some money towards it and help others.
  2. looking for equipment for club use. good quality air rifle for up coming shooter and various sizes of shooting equipment . What have you got?
  3. Nell

    Shooting Stand

    Anyone ready to give up 3P ? I'm looking for a stand for young new start.
  4. Thanks, they must be mellowing . Its been a few years but it was only big packs last time.
  5. Hi Has anyone or club willing to part with a few 6 yard rifle targets. We are a small group of sporter shooters who are moving into a smaller room for a short period of time. Bisley sells them by the billions , far too many for us. I'm looking for a large handful of 40 X 5s or 100 individuals or combo. Would your club be willing to sell a few to us? Many thanks Maria
  6. Many thanks for replying John, IYO would the S400 MPR be the best model for 3P? or ? Thanks Maria
  7. Someone asked me to look out for a sporter rifle for their son. Does anyone know of any for sale? The sporter rifle type used by cadets /scouts not the field rabbiting type. I'd be grateful if you got back in touch if you can help with advice or likely places to seek. Maria
  8. Nell


    Does anyone have a megalink that is rarely used and could be of benefit for long term loan, hire or sale? Alternatively it clubs are planning buying several from abroad it could be worth teaming up for a bulk order. Maria
  9. Nell

    Kneeling Roll Wanted

    3P kneeling roll please
  10. Nell

    Mec Lens Holder

    I'm looking for an additional lens holder for my mec specs, anyone got one spare? Maria
  11. Nell

    10M Target Changers

    Anyone wanting to swap target changers for some money? still looking for air rifles , trousers and boots too! Boots sz6 to size 10 Trousers -snake hips to phant size and everything inbetween Thanks Maria
  12. Our club has opened up air rifle section with newmembers showing great interest as they sponge up skills and look ahead at the seasons competitions. They are lefties and righties, age 10 to big man size. We also have a female lefty, approx size 14. We don't have enough club rifles to cope with demand and acquired skill. Will consider anything for club but some of our guys have potential to reach high level and will be looking for 'quality' second hand equipment in rifles and clothing. Maria
  13. Hi, is anyone planning clearing out their odds and sods. We have a female air rifler that could do with a pair of shooting trousers. Normal clothes size is 12 and 5'10 in height. Left handed shooter but as its for standing only would not matter too much. Mens trousers would also be considered(approx 32" waist) Thanks
  14. Nell

    Lefty Air Rifle

    Has anyone got a decent left air rifle that requires to be loved and used a bit more? A loving home awaits one here!
  15. Do you have any piccies and why you selling it? Has it been dropped?
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