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  1. Centra Handstop *FOR SALE* £50
  2. 2 x MEC GE600 Butt Plate Carrier *FOR SALE* (Open to offers)
  3. 2 x Anschutz Butt Plate Carrier *FOR SALE* £60 each
  4. MEC Contact III Butt Plate *FOR SALE* £100
  5. *FYI* I had 2 x MEC Free Position Butt Plates for sale. One has been sold (see above). One is still available. Many thanks.
  6. MEC Free Position Butt Plate for sale. Please see pictures below. Open to all offers. Many thanks. (Bleiker Butt Plate Ratchet not included.)
  8. Optional extras include: choice of extension tube, Hammerli rearsight, choice of 18mm foresights (adjustable vs insert - small adjustable starts from 3.5 and large adjustable opens to 5.5), Centra handstop, MEC Free Position Butt Plate, bipod & double rifle case. Action is 2017's R series, action number R58. For more information, please call 01425 477856.
  9. Price is now £3,750, plus there is now the choice of 10", 8" or 6" extension tube and a choice of foresight (adjustable v insert). Please call 01425 477856 for more details.
  10. Regarding the pictures, the sale also includes a two-rifle gun case (pictured), a bi-pod (pictured) and two adjustable 18mm foresights (also pictured), total adjustment from around 3.5 - 5.5; each foresight has vertical and horizontal cross-hairs. The rifle also includes the latest cheek piece.
  11. As for the the 'special bedding', that phrase was taken directly from the sales paperwork when the item was originally purchased new. I will get the full quote and paste it here...
  12. Will do... Apologies for the delay in pictures; this is my first advertisement, and so it has taken me some time to get things right. If it helps, the stock is black, and is the same stock found here... https://www.bleiker.ch/kleinkalibergewehrem?lid=1#!15
  13. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my original post. As the rifle is nearly new, I am looking for around £5,000 at the moment (ono). I also accept several forms of payment. If you have any more questions, please let me know. Many thanks.
  14. Bournemouth This item comes with all its original paperwork. The barrel was specially selected by Heinrich Bleiker himself and has only fired 3,500 rounds. Also included is the latest Centra Handstop. For more information, please call 01425 477856.
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