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  1. Hey Matt, you may want to include photos and also as it's collection only, where abouts you are based.
  2. Rifle is a Walther KK500 Expert. Am looking for full adjustable butt plate attachment, with or without carrier and rods. Photo supplied is exactly what I need (with no carrier and rods) I have 2 and am looking for a third.
  3. I just had Fulton's Commission me a rifle recently (collecting in 2 weeks) Paramount action (supplied by Fulton's) Near mint barrel (supplied by Fulton's) Dolphin stock (supplied and fitted by dolphin) RPA Tracker sights (supplied by Fulton's) Overall I got the commission for £2750, but they also offered (pretty sure can offer you the same/similar) a swing mark 5 with same specifications with dolphin stock for £2200-£2300, which is in your price range. If you are down in bisley anytime soon, would be a good idea to pop into Fulton's and see what they can offer you, I understand it's slightly more to the top of your price range, but it does have the benefit of not having to replace the barrel anytime soon, and having any adjustments done by Fulton's for you.
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