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  1. Beltherion

    Kit Clear Out - Free Stuff + All Sorts

    Could I see a photo of the element in the adjustable foresight aperture number 15?
  2. Beltherion

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    For now I don't have the spare finances required to replace the stock if I did sell it, so for now I'll have to hold onto it.
  3. Beltherion

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    BUMP. Still available. I could include a buttplate with the stock at extra cost.
  4. Beltherion

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    Stock and carriers are still available. I'm in Ireland but can arrange postage as soon as our current postal strike is sorted. I now have a load of close up photographs if you want. Just PM me an email address and I'll send them on.
  5. Beltherion

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    Gemini handstop has now been sold. Still have the stock plus carriers at £750 and the Akah sling at £90. Both are great deals.
  6. Beltherion

    Anschutz Precise Left Hand And Accessories For Sale

    Yes, stock would come without barreled action, sights or buttplate but with the two extra carriers for 3p. Reason for sale is a change of stock. I should also have specified that it's a round action stock.
  7. Looking to sell my Precise stock. It's got a couple of stickers on it from world cups and the like but I can remove these and clean it up before shipping if the buyer would prefer it all clear. It's got plenty of use and has scratches but it's still perfect. Had some minor sticking on the cheekpiece fine adjustment fixed by Anschutz in Munich this year and it's now perfect. I cut down the back of the cheekpiece to allow the buttplate carrier to move in closer. I have two extra carriers for 3p which I'll throw in as well. They're £100 each from Intershoot. Looking for £750 for the lot. It can be seen here. I also have a System Gemini handstop in black. Asking £70. Akah Logic Left Hand sling. New price £160, asking £90 and will throw in the sling keeper which is another £25 along with it. Any specific photos I can supply on request.
  8. Beltherion

    Bleeker Wooden Stock

    The stocks are a personal thing. I like them, the alu a lot better than the wooden variants, but they're very comfortable. Lots of people doing very well indeed with them though so they're doing something right.
  9. Beltherion

    Clearout - Rifle,and Other Items For Sale - Updated 1/7

    Hi, how much would you like for the torque wrench on its own?
  10. Beltherion

    Anschutz Buttplate

    I've got one if you want it. Do you need the adaptor plate as well or just the buttplate unit?
  11. Beltherion

    Grunig & Elmiger Return Buttplate

    If you'll do postage to Ireland in that, I'll take it.
  12. Beltherion

    Starting My Clear Out Of Shooting Stuff (3P Bits)

    What sort of weights have you?
  13. Beltherion

    Wanted: Spotting Scope And Stand

    Looking for a decent quality scope and stand. I shoot 3x40 as well so I might need a tripod as well if anyone has one.
  14. Beltherion

    Lh/ambidextrous Rearsight Wanted

    Also looking for rear irises if anyone has an extra one or two.
  15. Beltherion

    Having A Sort Out! Sight Raisers And Foresight

    I'll take the Centra block club raisers anyway. Shipping will be to Ireland though so will wait for a revised price.