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  1. another_dom

    Fwb 300 Running Boar

    No good to me, but this will be of interest on AirgunBBS - a lot of vintage and collector air rifles get sold on there. Dom.
  2. another_dom

    Lh Anschutz

    Any more details on this please - 18/19/20 series, stock, sights etc? Thanks, Dom.
  3. another_dom

    Anschutz Torque -Sold-

    Draper Pro range includes these in packs of 2 for a few quid, in a selection of lengths and with the correct 1/4" drive. Your local tool supplier will be able to order some in for you.
  4. another_dom

    Retirement Sale

    For one thing they're a useful resource when valuing items.
  5. another_dom

    Wanted - Junior Target Rifle For Club...

    Some of the Martini actioned rifles are pretty light, and short? Certainly served me well as a junior.
  6. another_dom

    Anschuts Palm Rest For Sale

    It was advertised nearly 8 years ago!
  7. another_dom

    No Longer Looking

    Helicoil insert should fix the thread?
  8. another_dom

    Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    Loctite is your friend with these slings - particularly for the screws securing the buckle side plates. Having treated mine when initially assembled I have had no issues. Great sling.
  9. another_dom

    Clear Out

    "Anschutz raising system ... only bit left." Reckon the grips have sold.
  10. another_dom

    Wanted- Advice And Biathalon Gear

    Fultons have the biathlon version of the FWB air rifle on display - looks like fun.
  11. another_dom

    Clear Out

    I can confirm Kev does have a lot of kit! Dom.
  12. another_dom

    Club Air Rifles And Pistols Wanted

    I have a left handed FWB300S Universal, complete with both cheek pieces, foresights etc. I also have a left handed Gamo Compact. Any good to you? Dom.
  13. another_dom

    M18 Centra High Ends Wanted

    Sean, I can do you a 4.0 and 4.2 with 1.2 thickness, £18 the pair posted. Also got a 3.4, 4.4 and 4.6 with 1.4 thickness. First was a mistake, others were great for 3P or shooting with a tube? Dom.
  14. Great, good luck with it. As discussed, it's a check that the cant remains constant - don't chase the bubble!
  15. ... and to complete the options I have a Centra internal level in black.