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  1. IRLConor

    Walther Insight-Out Rear Sight

    Walther Insight-Out rear sight for sale in as-new condition. Very lightly used indoors on an air rifle for about 3 months. It's an ambidextrous rear sight and should fit all smallbore and air rifles. I'm looking for £300 including regular postage to anywhere in Ireland or the UK. If you'd like tracked/insured shipping or if you live elsewhere then just give me a shout and we can negotiate something.
  2. IRLConor

    For Sale: Mec Free And Duplex

    Depending on price, I might be willing to take the rearsight and iris.
  3. IRLConor

    Wanted: Good .22 Rifle

    Just to add to this, there's a guy in my club (DURC, in Ireland) selling a 1913 with a hook and palm rest. It has been very lightly used. I don't know what money he's looking for, but if you're interested drop me a PM and I can put him in touch with you.